Panettone Four Ways

At Social Pantry we love a Panettone, this 15th Century tradition is having a come back. It is a perfect alternative to heavier cakes and puddings. The Italians eat Panettone at any time of the day with an espresso.


How best to enjoy, our top tips:

  1. Toasted and slathered in butter and cinnamon sugar
  2. With a chilled bucks fizz for brunch
  3. Enjoy toasted with a dollop of soft mascarpone and toasted almonds with a glass of sweet wine for pudding
  4. Toasted and slathered in Nutella for a snack at any time!

It will last well into the new year but if you want to use up any left over Panettone it works a treat in a tiramisu or trifle

Our top tip: only slice when needed as not to let it dry out.