Founded by Alex Head in 2011, we are the go-to London caterer events, weddings and the workplace. We’re passionate about creating food that is seasonal, sustainable, and delicious and have worked with some pretty amazing clients; feeding people like David Attenborough, Gigi Hadid, and even Hillary Clinton.


Social Pantry pride themselves on their conscientious approach to employment, sustainability  and social enterprise.Alex is a proud ex-offender employer, recruiting from behind bars and on release. 10% of Social Pantry’s workforce are ex-offenders.


We’re a pretty ‘Social’ (no pun intended) bunch here at Social Pantry. With a team of over 90 staff across London, meet some of the staff and find out more about the people behind that delicious food of ours.

Meet the fabulous team that makes Social Pantry run as seamlessly as it does.






We work responsibly with suppliers and employees to ensure the very best service is provided with minimal impact to our surroundings. Being a small company, it is hard to operate completely green systems throughout; however, we are doing our best and ensure all the suppliers we employ have a similar way of thinking.

At Social Pantry we strive to decrease food waste and our plastic consumption. Nobody’s perfect, but every little helps

  • Recycling in place at all sites for all cardboard, glass, oil and food waste.
  • Responsible packaging suppliers are used for all event and café packaging needs.
  • Reducing food waste is a top priority of ours and we’re pretty strict about it. We are still dreaming of owning a gorgeous gardening patch and using food waste as compost…it is on the wish list. Watch this space…
  • On site compositing is now fully underway at our production kitchen with our new on site food digester.
  • Old coffee granules are given to a local allotment to feed the compost worms. We are also looking into introducing a wormery at our central production kitchen.
  • We train all our staff to be responsible for their actions and ensure that we work efficiently as a team with the same goal in mind.
  • Our Zero Waste attitude in all our kitchens ensures there is minimal food waste. We develop menus that have zero waste menu items to prevent as much as possible from going into the bin/compost heap.
  • We are building our first Green House ready for spring of 2021 at our central production kitchen and we are extremely excited! Although we cannot grow all our food just yet we will be making a small difference.


For our full policies and more information please email us for a full copy of our sustainability policy




Our Brand Recipe



We do all we can to genuinely understand what our client wants. It’s only by listening and asking the right questions, that we are able to deliver a catering service that stands out.



Our food creates an enjoyable experience that ensures we make each event and meal time a memorable moment.



Above all, we want to offer our clients a fair service for a fair price. We take a transparent approach to quoting and always look to find ways of helping to make savings.



We work with social enterprises that naturally connect with the values of our business – passionate, entrepreneurial and responsible – to make a meaningful impact with the food we deliver.



We aren’t just creative thinkers, we take a creative approach to any task in hand. We strike a balance between impressive service and resourcefulness.


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    Meet the Team

    We’re a pretty ‘Social’ (no pun intended) bunch here at Social Pantry – meet the team…

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