Social Pantry has worked with young ex-offenders charity since 2015 helping rehabilitate young men post release from prison.

How does Social Pantry support Key4Life:

Social Pantry offers full-time and part-time employment positions and three-day work tasters for the young men on their first few weeks of release. A three-day work taster is a form of work experience where they will come in and experience three days shadowing a member of the SP team.  Alex Head, owner and founder of Social Pantry, has also personally mentored a young man offering support and guidance when needed.

Suhail, centre, was Social Pantry’s first employee in 2015

In 2017, the Social Supper was born and 2018 sees it’s return. 5 London based chefs at the top of the game pair up with 5 ex-offenders for a work experience placement followed by a supper club for one night only, all hosted by Alex Head.

Watch last year’s video here.