Your Contract Catering Questions Answered

At Social Pantry we believe that what we do every day matters more than what we do once in a while, and whilst we are professionals in throwing spectacular once-in-a-lifetime events and celebrations, we are also masters in the art of everyday seasonal, sustainable, delicious dining options. This is where our contract catering options come in! From established in-house catering to fuel your team from dawn until dusk to one-off drop-offs; client lunches and team thank-yous to film set catering and tour provisions… we do it all! We caught up Rosie, our Contract Catering Manager, to answer all of your contract catering questions.  Have a read and get in touch to discuss how Social Pantry could work for you!

What does Social Pantry offer in terms of contract catering?

Here at Social Pantry we support everything from long standing catering contracts to occasional, as-needed drop-off catering services. Social Pantry prepares and delivers fresh, nutritious and seasonal dishes, spanning breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between, which can be served and enjoyed immediately upon delivery.

Whether it’s a corporate office requiring a bi-weekly breakfast buffet, or a high-end fashion or film shoot which requires extensive catering for long days on set, our bespoke catering services is fully customisable. Each partnership with Social Pantry is tailored specifically to the client’s needs.

Can you share some examples of previous clients?

Social Pantry frequently caters for high end fashion brands looking for a stylish and sustainable catering option, including Vogue, Alexander McQueen and Victoria Beckham, as our seasonal, nutritious, environmentally conscious meals fit their clientele perfectly.

We also work extensively with the corporate city sector, such as Adobe, Alix Partners and National Bank of Kuwait. These businesses are look for hassle free catering services that can keep up with the fast pace and provide substantial meals at all times of day, and Social Pantry can offer exactly that!

How does contract catering differ from event catering?

When securing Contract Catering with Social Pantry, you are able to create a bespoke package which is delivered on time and can be served immediately. Our incredible chef’s create your dishes fresh on the day of delivery, the logistics team deliver straight to your door upon handover your food can be served immediately with no delay. The idea is that our service is hassle free and easy breezy!

What do you think people think of when you say ‘contract catering’ and how is Social Pantry challenging that?

Contract Catering can be perceived as mundane or repetitive, whereas at Social Pantry, our chefs produce delicious, seasonal menus from scratch that reflect the best yield of ingredients from local suppliers and therefore change regularly which keeps things fresh, exciting and sustainable. As industry leaders across all kinds of catering, our chefs are experienced at producing food at the highest standards and delivering restaurant quality food at scale – whether that is for contract or events catering.

How would you describe the style of food Social Pantry offers for contract catering?

Social Pantry offers fresh, seasonal, nutritious dishes as part of thoughtful menus, carefully designed to minimise waste and environmental impact. We take a post to tail, root to leaf approach to cooking that maximises and celebrates every part of the ingredient.

Have you noticed any trends in terms of what people are asking for from contract catering?

As teams return to offices after working from home, we’ve seen a huge drive to increase employee engagement and offer office work perks in the form of in-house catering. At Social Pantry, we love to think about the box and draw on experience catering all kinds of different events, crowds and set ups, and have even introduced interactive food stations, chef demonstrations and live cooking into the workplace.

In addition, corporate companies striving to hit their ESG (Environmental Social Governance) Targets come to Social Pantry because of our outstanding environmental and social responsibility commitments. Our zero-waste philosophy, exceptional sourcing, investment in the local community and ex-offender rehabilitation services sets us apart from other catering companies.

Can Social Pantry cater to different dietary needs in the workplace?

Absolutely! Our sustainability-focused menus is naturally plant-rich and we offer extensive vegetarian and plant-based options. We can also accommodate special requirements such as dairy, wheat, soy or nut free diets.

What do you love most about your job?

My role is so diverse and varied that no two days are ever the same. One day I am working with a FTS100 company and then I am curating the food offering for a high end fashion house. Each client is so unique that I am forced to think outside the box, be creative, and learn about industries outside of my own. The team at Social Pantry is also second to none. Whilst the hospitality industry has developed a relationship for being a harsh, taxing place to work, Social Pantry provides a positively-challenging and support environment where everyone pulls together to deliver exceptional results and share in the rewards. I am so proud to work for such a committed, innovated team that really cares about the work they do.