Working From Home – Top Tips


Working from home is a novelty for the Social Pantry office team, and, now that it is the norm for over a million people we need to know how to be just as efficient. I am sure everyone can admit to having had a whole clear day ahead and, despite the best intentions, it’s ended up being wasted. We’ve come up with our top five tips on how to stay efficient and keep spirits up when working from home.


Our top tips


1 – Get dressed; the dream of staying in your pj’s all days wears thin pretty quickly, to work effectively you need to feel the part and dressing like you would if you were in heading to the office will do exactly this.


2 – Create a morning routine; if you would normally head to the gym or do a yoga class before work, find an online class. You can still maintain a morning routine that gets you into the right headspace to start a your day motivated and energised. Obvs include a good breakfast to get your day off to the best start.


3 – Set ground rules; this is just as important for yourself as it is for others around you, this will help you distinguish between work and home mode. Being clear with when your breaks are and taking these in full will ensure there are no blurred lines and work and home gets your full concentration.


4 –  Keep a dedicated office space; if you cannot allocate a dedicated space having a specific work ‘set up’ that you put in place each morning will do the trick. Why not include a plant, flowers or picture frame as well as your office essentials. Taking time ahead of starting your day to make sure you have everything you need in a comfortable place will allow you to fully concentrate.


5 –  Menu planning; plan your office day around some exciting meals and snacks. Having a delicious lunch to look forward to will motivate you through your morning. Keeping healthy snacks to hand will keep hunger at bay until it’s time for a break. Nuts and fruit are good snacks to keep that brain focused and a pack or two of chocolate hob nobs is essential to keep you happy!


What we have learnt: 

Kirsten, one of our Event Planners attended a Webinar hosted by Ella Mills, aka Deliciously Ella.

Her top take away tips are below:

  • Build a structure to your day – Don’t do the same activities weekdays as weekends to separate the days in your mind
  • Make your bed  – so you don’t go back to it during the day and it’s ready for you in the evening
  • Work outside of your bedroom – studies have shown working in the same environment you sleep can be detrimental to your sleep pattern, so aim to set up a designated work space
  • Make lunch everyday – why not eat this virtually with friends or with your housemates to create an environment you are used to socialising in
  • Be realistic with your goals – she used the term ‘bite sized ideas’ which I liked. E.g. If you’re starting yoga, start small and build up, otherwise you’ll knock your motivation when you start to struggle
  • Make time for you – having a bubble bath, reading a book – these activities calm your nervous system down and allow the body to relax and de-stress

[Pictures: Both taken from Pintrest]