Why You Should Consider A Minimalist Wedding

Here at Social Pantry we like to think of ourselves as quite the wedding experts! Modern minimalist wedding themes are a trend we are increasingly asked about. Minimalism can be a brilliant way to strip away the excess of more fussy traditional weddings to really focus on the elements that are important to you.

We work with many brides and grooms to-be on a daily basis and when it comes to the catering, we have a dedicated team on hand to create the perfect dining options to fit with each couple’s unique vision.

We’ve rounded up a few of our expert minimalist wedding tips to help you decide if minimalism is the way to go for your wedding day and what you should know about the trend.

Is a minimalist wedding right for you?

Minimalism by no means equals mediocre. Rather, the beauty lies in the simplicity. There’s a lot to be said for less actually being more. Less fuss and fewer features to consider means you’re able to elevate the parts of your reception that are important to you. Your budget can be dedicated to more beautiful and special elements to create a refined, elegant effect. Strip back on the elaborate centrepieces and overflowing tables in favour for one striking focal point such as a stunning floral feature or single blooms. Depending on your interpretation, a minimalist approach isn’t necessarily a lower-cost option. However, it does help you make the most of your budget. By focusing on what is memorable and meaningful, minimalistic weddings appear considered and intentional rather than lacking in any way.

Planning a minimalist wedding

When considering a minimalist wedding, it’s important to have a clear idea of what matters most to you. It may be helpful to think about what is truly essential when you tie the knot.  What are the things you want to remember from your wedding day? It’s easy to spend a lot of time, money and energy on details such as chair covers, favours and signage. However, these are unlikely to be the focus of you or your guests on the day. Having a sure sense of the elements that are important to you helps with allocating the budget. It can also free up more time and resources to focus on getting the most meaningful details just right.

Wedding settings and decorations

Without the distraction of excess wedding décor, a minimalist wedding can shine the spotlight on your venue. Look for venues with beautiful original features, lots of natural light and interesting areas that can help to create the dynamic you want on the day. Big windows overlooking beautiful scenery can become the focal point to a wedding on their own and can complement a more stripped back, natural theme. Outdoor weddings are also popular for minimalist weddings. Tying the knot in nature creates a distinct atmosphere and can be a way of communicating your values as a couple too.

We love…

Studio Sorores, founded by wedding planner and designer Jessie Westwood, which specialises in private home weddings. Transforming private grounds, homes and buildings into exquisite wedding locations creates a truly unique experience that celebrates places of personal significance to a couple and their guests.


Minimalist wedding cakes

Wedding cakes have come a long way since the traditional multi-tiered designs covered in lace and decorations. Nowadays, there are so many stunning minimalistic options to consider. Tie in your colour theme with a simple white base with thoughtfully placed florals, and consider different, more natural appearing textured icing techniques. A thoughtfully chosen cake stand can be an effective way to enhance the decor and venue, especially where natural materials are used. A more modest cake beautifully designed and made with brilliant ingredients allows quality to shine over quantity and also helps prevent unwanted waste.

We love…

Hey Lovely Buns, an independent fully plant-based bakery in East London specialising in botanical celebration cakes. All cakes are plant-based and vegan, meaning there is no need to provide a separate vegan option. Everything is made with the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients – maximising  flavour as well as contributing to a sustainable wedding. Think natural flowing swishes of buttercream combined with fresh florals and seasonal fruits. You can expect to hear your guests saying “I would never have known this was vegan!” from first bite.

All about the dress…

The wedding dress can be one of the most important elements for many brides on their big day. There are now more options than ever before. Sleek trouser suits, clean and structured silhouettes and high-end unique designer dresses are all widely available. Rental services are increasingly popular and expand your range of choice and style without blowing the budget.

If you’ve always dreamt of a big princess gown, you don’t necessarily have to abandon this idea for a minimalist wedding. If the dress is the focal element, you can further enhance it and keep with the simple, sophisticated feel of the day by stripping back on extras. Opt for a less fussy bouquet, sleeker hair and make-up and contemporary clean lined bridesmaid outfits. Removing distractions allows more thought, time, budget, and attention to be channeled toward that perfect dress.

We love…

French wedding dress designer, Laure de Sagazan, whose collection exudes elegance, romanticism, and French style. Classic feminine shapes, clean lines, elegant materials such as Calais lace, delicate silk embroidery and refined details all contribute to a timeless minimalist aesthetic.

Conscious catering

When it comes to catering, focus on quality over quantity and serving the food that you and your guests will truly enjoy. Place the emphasis on key dishes for the main event rather than overestimating the amount of food required with canapes and extras that often go to waste. This way you are able to direct more attention and budget towards creating the perfect menu made with high quality, delicious produce. The result is likely to be more satisfying and memorable whilst also minimising waste.

Here at Social Pantry we have a huge amount of experience catering to all of our clients requirements. From smaller stripped back intimate wedding days to larger extravagant ceremonies, we have it covered. Our dedicated catering team are on hand to discuss and advise on all of your wedding ideas and needs. Feel free to get in touch to learn more.