Wedding Trends for 2022

This year’s wedding season saw many couples finally tie the knot after a year of cancellations and disappointments. 2021 weddings were all about intentionality in the face of uncertainty. The focus shifted to celebrating love in its purest form, with smaller, intimate weddings being a reflection of couples’ values as well as circumstances. The pent-up demand for sought-after venues and providers and ongoing restrictions to travel required many couples to reconsider what they had imagined for their dream day. However in doing so, many discovered unexpected joy in value-led celebrations and freedom from specific traditions and guestlists. With a new year approaching and a more positive outlook on post-COVID life, 2022 is set to be a big year for weddings.

Here at Social Pantry we have many years of experience working with couples to curate and cater for their perfect day. We are all familiar with the notion that “food is love”. And we believe food is a meaningful expression and extension of a couple’s love on their wedding day. We come up with bespoke menus to fit a range of requirements, tastes, budgets and wedding themes. As we reflect on 2021 and look ahead to 2022, we’ve rounded up a few of our tried and tested wedding planning tips, along with our predictions of wedding trends to look out for in 2022.

Staycation settings

Photo credits: Katie Julia

Weddings abroad were relegated to fantasy for most of 2021, with a level of uncertainty remaining around international travel long after most other restrictions were lifted. Even as we enter 2023, destinations that have been popular in previous years including Thailand and India continue to be tricky to navigate. Many couples who once dreamt of a ceremony in the sun are weighing up the risk of cancellations and last-minute restrictions. Last year opened our eyes to the beauty Britain has to offer, as well as the beauty of not having to worry about international travel restrictions impacting plans. Couples who would ordinarily have looked further afield discovered their dream venues set along the British coastline or nestled in picturesque country villages. Travel expenses could be redirected towards curating the perfect day, maximising their own and their guests’ experience whilst supporting local businesses too. British weddings are here to stay and it’s a trend we are keen to champion!

Photo credits: Roberta Facchini Photography

Home-made matrimony

Truly hand-made, self-styled DIY weddings have replaced a superficially shabby chic aesthetic. People who spent their lockdown acquiring new skills and pursuing crafts and passions are keen to put these to use. From garden grown florals and DIY favours to personalised place holders and home-made cakes, hand crafted elements add a deeply personal touch. It’s also a great way to make friends and family feel like a valuable part of the proceedings and can help reduce spending on professional services too.

Wild flowers

Following on from the DIY trend, home-grown flowers are set to be a major 2022 wedding theme. The rise in popularity of allotments saw more future brides and grooms flexing their green fingers. Growing your own wedding flowers is hugely satisfying and a lovely way to symbolise a couple’s journey. From pressed-flowers on wedding invites to hand-crafted bouquets and table settings, these details are sentimental and sustainable. 10% of the average wedding budget is spent on flowers, so home-grown flowers are one of the best trends to channel when looking to reduce spending too.

Photo credits: Daniel Nichols

Zero waste weddings

Zero waste weddings are on the rise as a trend and as a necessity. This is something we have always been hyper-aware of as a sustainable wedding catering service, and as society becomes more environmentally conscious, more and more clients come to us with sustainability as a priority. There is a lot to think about when it comes to a wedding. Plus it can be tempting to over-cater in the spirit of generosity. However, considerate planning can help to minimise waste in the first place, as well as coming up with a plan about what to do with leftovers. Donating leftover food, drink and flowers is a lovely way to support causes in your community. Local food banks are often grateful to receive any surplus. This is something we can arrange for our clients as caterers. However, feel free to reach out to a local organisation and arrange collection!

Here at Social Pantry, we pride ourselves on our commitment to creating once in a lifetime events. Our wedding team would love to discuss your perfect day’s details and how we can bring your dream to life. Feel free to get in touch here to find out more.