Wedding Themes for 2021

Wedding season 2020 may have not quite gone to plan, but we’re sure next year will be one to remember for many eager couples desperate to tie the knot. Although there has been a lack of marriages over the last few months, our wedding inspiration board is continuously growing and we’ve already started to notice some exciting new wedding trends coming through for 2021. We’ve rounded up our tried and tested wedding planning tips along with a sneak preview of next year’s most creative wedding themes for all of your inspiration needs!


Where can I look for wedding décor options?

Inspiration can come from anywhere. The venue surroundings, the time of year you wed, even your favourite film (yes Disney princess weddings are a thing!) but be careful where you look for wedding inspiration. Social media can be a brilliant place to get your creative juices flowing but bear in mind that what you see on Instagram may not be as easy to recreate in real life. Images are edited and angles are carefully chosen to create the most perfect impression. What may seem to be the most creative idea can often become an unrealistic vision to re-create. Cost is also a big factor to consider
when deciding on a wedding theme based on social media; the Kardashian’s floral centre pieces may not be as easy to replicate without their million-pound budget! Wedding magazines and personal blogs are a great place to look for wedding décor options, and you can check out Social Pantry’s very own blog for wedding food inspiration. We hope the below can provide inspiration for more realistic wedding themes, which can prove priceless for the couple looking to tie the knot.

What are some popular wedding theme ideas?


Home-made, DIY weddings are set to be a big trend for 2021. With so many months spent indoors, future brides and grooms began wedding projects during lockdown. This has seen a huge rise in internet searches for DIY creative wedding themes, with home-made weddings one of the big wedding trends predicted for next year. Personalised place holders, hand-written touches and dried floral arrangements bring a lovely sentimental touch to any wedding theme ideas.

Wild Flowers

Following on from the DIY trend, home-grown flowers are also set to become one of the more creative wedding themes for 2021. Once a pastime reserved for OAP’s, allotments have witnessed a huge surge in popularity with younger generations and many couples are now seeking allotments to grow their own florals for their big day. With more people working from home and having spare time on their hands this is set to become a sought-after way to add a personal touch from everything from using pressed-flowers on the invites to the bouquet and the table settings, and with 10% of the average wedding budget being spent on the florist, it’s one of the best wedding trends to channel for those looking to save money when wedding planning.

Winter Wonderland

The summer months are always the most popular for wedding dates in the UK, but due to the thousands of couples who were forced to postpone their nuptials over the last year, future brides and grooms are altering their wedding planning in order to consider other seasons that are less in demand. Winter Wonderland and other seasonal wedding themes are set to be extremely popular in 2020 as couples move their dates to the first part of the year. Look to colder countries for your wedding inspiration and think fur trimmed interiors, cosy log cabins, mulled cocktails and hearty food. This is certainly one of the best wedding themes when done right.

Pumpkin Patch

Autumn is also a brilliant season to bring to life and is another on the list of wedding trends for next year because of the huge demand for summer dates. Another of the more creative wedding themes, think rich burnt colours, cosy lighting and pumpkin table centres, there’s so many great sources of wedding inspiration.

Staycation settings

This year has certainly opened our eyes to the beauty the UK has to offer when jumping on a plane to hotter climates for our holidays wasn’t an option. England’s beaches have never been so popular and couples whose dream day is to wed on the sand are now finding beautiful venues along the British coast. Without the worry of travelling restrictions while wedding planning, UK beach weddings are one of the easier wedding themes ideas, keep it simple and let your surroundings


As weddings parties have been significantly reduced in size by law this year, smaller more intimate receptions are set to continue into next year as one of the biggest wedding trends for 2021. There are many wedding planning tips for smaller receptions to be found online, demonstrating how a smaller guest list can be one of the best wedding themes as it cuts out a lot of the stress involved with larger wedding planning.

Virtual Day

Zoom may not be something we were familiar with this time last year and was certainly not part of wedding planning before 2020 but the past year has shown that a virtual wedding can in fact be one of the best wedding themes, bringing guests together from all over the world at the touch of a button! By far one of the most unexpected wedding trends of 2020, virtual weddings are now an option future brides and grooms are planning due to their reliability during such uncertain times.

How to pick colours for your wedding

The palette used for your big day can become one of the more creative wedding themes when done right. The season you chose to get hitched can provide the wedding inspiration when the wedding planning turns to the colour scheme but there are also other things to consider. Do you feel comfortable asking all of your guests to wear a shade of your choice? It may prove an unpopular request and can be costly so not always one of the best wedding themes to keep everyone happy.

There is an endless amount of wedding inspiration out there when it comes using colours for creative wedding themes. Keep it simple when choosing your colour scheme, it will be a lot more effective on the day and will become one of the easier wedding trends to replicate.

Wedding colour scheme ideas

One of the best wedding planning tips is to create a moodboard which you can change and adapt throughout the wedding planning process. Include images of your venue, dress style, flower arrangements and other requirements and play with the colour schemes to see which work best together. Monochrome is one of the most effective wedding trends and can make for amazing wedding photos when the wedding party is all in the same colour. Burnt oranges in autumn and pastel shades in summer sound obvious but will compliment your settings beautifully and can become one of the best wedding themes.

Wedding themes to match bridal style

It’s important not to lose sight of your personal style during all of that wedding planning! There is so much wedding inspiration out there but remember some wedding trends work better depending on the style of the bride and groom. Out of all of the wedding planning tips the most important one to remember is you must feel happy with your day, don’t try and fit into a style you’re not comfortable with, you don’t want to look back at the photos in years to come and regret not being true to your own personal taste.

So there’s just a few of our wedding planning tips to get you started but do please get in touch with our dedicated team and we’ll be more than happy to discuss wedding themes and offer advice on how we can create a menu to fit any of the wedding trends you’re considering.