How To Plan for Dietary Requirements at Your Wedding

From vegan wedding guests to dairy-free menus, Social Pantry can help.

Catering for events can bring about so many types of dietary requirements, it can be hard to know where to begin. It’s important for every bride and groom that their guests love their special day as much as they do and that includes being able to enjoy the food and drink, regardless of what they can and can’t eat. Here at Social Pantry, there isn’t an allergy or diet we haven’t come across since we began catering for events more than nine years ago so we’ve put together a few of our expert tips picked up along the way to help you know what to consider when planning for every palate on your big day.


Inform your wedding caterer

Confirm with your caterers that they are able to offer an alternative to the general wedding menu for all dietary requirements, including allergies and religious beliefs. Any experienced wedding caterer will have a number of free-from wedding menu ideas on hand to make sure no guest will go hungry and will be able to offer options to cover all requirements including a dairy-free menu and meat-free alternatives. Explore all of the options they’re able to offer so you can decide on the best route to go down for your wedding menu.


Serve Alcohol-Free Drinks

It isn’t just the food you need to ensure is suitable for everyone. It’s also worth considering the guests in attendance that don’t drink alcohol. In this case it’s a nice touch to be able to offer an alcohol-free refreshment as well as the usual juices. It will make sure everyone feels involved when it comes to the toasts and will eliminate those tricky ‘aren’t you drinking’ conversations, the pregnant guests will definitely thank you for it!


Dietary Requirement Wedding Invites

Once you have confirmed that your wedding caterers are able to offer an option for all types of dietary requirements that might be thrown your way you will then need to make sure you have a clear list of every guest’s restrictions and requirements, including allergies. Experienced event caterers will be able to ensure they have the best options available and may need to alter the menu in the case of allergies. The more time the event caterers have to plan the more time they have to source the most delicious options to please everyone. The simplest way to ensure you cater for all types of dietary requirements is to ask for confirmation in the RSVP. Either digital or traditional, make sure it’s clear that they are required to let you know if they do have any specific dietary requests when confirming their attendance.

Vegan Wedding Menu Ideas

With more and more people opting for a plant-based diet the meat-free option on the menu is no longer just an afterthought. Event catering is increasingly becoming orientated around vegetarian and vegan menu’s as options are now just as plentiful as any traditional meat choices and are a simpler way to ensure all types of dietary requirements are catered for.  Wedding caterers are more creative than ever before when it comes to offering their clients the most satisfying and delicious plant-based dishes and it is certainly something to consider when choosing the dining options for your big day.

Communication is key when it comes to deciding on your wedding caterer. Here at Social Pantry, we pride ourselves on offering the most delicious, healthy, and diverse wedding catering options and would love to chat over your requirements and ideas for your perfect day.

Why not check out some of our vegan recipes below?

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For more information about our wedding catering services, make an enquiry today. With a range of bespoke menus tailored to your exact requirements, we’ll make sure everything goes to plan. Trust us, it’s what we do best.

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