Top 10 Wedding tips and tricks

Great food = great wedding

After a very exciting, busy, but of course fabulous summer of weddings we’ve come to the end of the season and I want to give you an insight into some tips and tricks of how to plan a successful wedding.
Weddings are some of the most exciting events to plan because of the connection you have with the client, knowing that you are helping them with the most important day of their life (no pressure) is a great honour.
Here are some tips and points from myself to show you how we do the best weddings ever…



W is for: Well trained staff and a smiley team! Apart from the food, at Social pantry we know there is nothing more vital than a happy and energetic team of staff and we have that in spades. Our wedding team work closely with the amazing Splendid staffing agency, to make sure every element of your reception, dinner, bar and after party is run to perfection!

E is for: ENJOY! Enjoy every minute of the wedding planning, as I know I do. At Social Pantry, we know that it’s the run up than can be stressful, but we will hold your hand through the initial phone call, tasting, hire and event styling planning and of course the big day.

D is for: Dinner, obviously. For us at Social Pantry we of course know that the details matter but at the end of the day, it’s all about the food and keeping your guests happy and well fed. We help you at every step, so if you have a particular taste or dietary let us know – we did a completely gluten free wedding over the summer is was great!


D is for: It’s all in the details. Why not add a wedding favour to your bridal and grooms party, that you can make at home. We had a fabulous wedding in Buckinghamshire where the bride and mother of the bride made homemade rosemary olive oil from their garden.


I is for: Inspiration! Don’t be afraid if you are stuck for ideas for your wedding, we have a long list of fantastic weddings that are all as unique as the other. Let us know if you want some help organising styling and extras and we can suggest some great options – we are planners after all.


N is for: no stress on your wedding day! Let us do all the hard work.

G is for: Gorgeous flowers! Social Pantry use the finest flower suppliers and work with them closely to create the most beautiful arrangements possible. This year I organised 1,500 geraniums to be hand placed into a swimming pool as part of the wedding styling and it looked absolutely beautiful.

S: make sure you have a signature spin on your wedding day, and if you’re ever stuck for ideas, you’re talking to the right people.



Our flower suppliers:

London Flower House

Grace & Thorn


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