How to throw an Office Party your employees will love

A little office party never killed nobody…

We’ve all experienced our fair share of awkward office parties where you’re thrown into a room and forced to mingle with your employees.  Let’s park “organised fun” (as it’s never actually fun) and take the party planning back to basics.  Office parties don’t have to be complicated and expensive but by following a few simple steps, your event will go down in history.

Office Party

Set a date

First things first, pick your party date.  Choose wisely as this will most likely impact your guest list.  If a particular month in your calendar year is traditionally busy then steer clear of this.  A Thursday or Friday evening tends to be the most popular day of the week and everyone can let their hair down.  No one wants to be out partying on a Monday night with a full week of work ahead of them.


How much do you have to spend?  Whether you’re on a budget or willing to splash the cash, it’s important to iron this out earlier on in your office party planning.  Once you have your finances in order, you can work out a figure that will be spent on food, venue hire, entertainment, invitations and any added extras.


The venue will be very much dependant on your budget.  If you’ve got the cash to spend, then you’ll be able to look for an external venue to hire.  Think unusual and unexpected – what will get your employees talking?  Is it a roof top bar overlooking the city at night or an underground warehouse that is a complete blank canvas.  Hire Space is a fantastic site to use when searching for the perfect venue in the UK.

If you’re looking to save your budget and not spend out on venue hire, try transforming your office instead.  It’ll take some time and a lot of creativity but this could be the talking point you’re looking for – it’s a convenient option too, your guests don’t need to venture too far!

Office Party

Badoo, the largest social networking site in the world, know exactly how to throw an office party. They regularly celebrate seasonal events all under the roof of their own office in London.


Nobody enjoys an awkward silence or moment.  Make sure you’ve planned ahead and worked out the event timings so that your guests are constantly entertained.  Pre-planned activities based around your catering will help to create a smooth running event.

The details

Here at SP, we’re huge fans of paying particular attention to the detail that goes into an event.  Everybody always remembers the little extras and these small touches help to create a truly memorable party.  Forget spending out and using a large slice of your budget here, just use your creativity and work out what might surprise and delight your guests.  Is it a handmade personalised invite that ties in with the overall office party theme or a takeaway edible goodie bag for your guests to enjoy at home?

Party food

We’re slightly biased we know but in our eyes, the party food is one of the most crucial elements of your office party to get right.  Again, get creative – brief your caterer on your event details and let them do the hard work.  We always pride ourselves on cracking tricky briefs and ensuring the food perfectly suits the brand we’re working alongside.

Office Party

Wow Moment

No party is complete without a “wow moment” – this could be as simple as a company update or a surprise midnight snack from your catering team.  Whatever you choose, the aim is send your guest home on a high.

And definitely not forgetting…

The morning after

It’s never fun when your boss persuades you to keep partying till the early hours of the morning and expects you in at 8am on the dot the next day.  Give your employees a lie in and treat them all to a Ginger Pig Bacon Brioche Bun late morning to help soothe those sore heads.

Office Party

Happy partying!