Wedding Drink Trends with The Cocktail Service

Wedding Drink Trends

We’v been working with our friends over at The Cocktail Service over the last few years and have loved every minute of it! They not only create incredible cocktails to pair with our menu but also provide us with stylish bars and of course, fantastic mixologists.

We caught up with The Cocktail Service to chat about the latest drink trends

Weddings can be one of the most complicated types of event to plan and the typical wedding couple has to make plenty of decisions in the lead up to the big day. One of the biggest areas of planning is the food and drink menu, and drinks are recognised as one of the key component of the wedding planning to sit alongside the menu. We talked to the team at new cocktail gifting and subscription company The Cocktail Club to see what drinks trends are emerging in 2021.

  1. 1. Bottled Cocktails

Although we might be seen as slightly biased here, there is a genuine trend for cocktail favours at weddings. One of our products, the 200ml bottled cocktail have seen a major spike in event enquiries as couples look to make their drinks offering more unique.

With the choice of flavours, the opportunity to customise the label to the couple’s special day and even being able to develop your own custom cocktail to be bottled has seen this become a very popular option. It’s a great experience for your guests to find a cocktail at their place setting and can of course be used as part of the toast or left to the guests to take home. Our full range of bottled cocktails are available on The Cocktail Club  website.

  1. 2. Dessert Cocktails

We have seen a big trend for couples asking to offer Espresso Martinis at the tables as part of the dessert offering at the wedding breakfast. It’s a fun and quirky way to get your caffeine fix post-meal and gives your guests that extra boost they need to see the night in.

If Espresso Martinis are not your thing there are a huge number of dessert cocktails to choose from or twists on the Espresso Martini such as the hugely popular Salted Caramel Espresso Martini.

  1. 3. Specialist Bars

Having several bars offering a specialist drinks selection is a big trend for a number of reasons. First and foremost it keeps things super interesting for your guests by offering a number of different bars for them to try out.

Its also great to keep guest flow moving at your wedding so people don’t congregate in one area, which can often be a problem at weddings So think a whiskey bar, prosecco station, craft beer bars or Aperol Spritz bars. It’s a great idea and will really up the drinks game at your wedding.

  1. 4. Cocktail Towers

The Champagne Tower has been seen at weddings for decades but the cocktail tower is new to the scene. Espresso Martini Towers and Pornstar Martinis are a big favourite. We have also seen a big rise in mixed towers as well, with two or three varieties of different coloured martinis, which look stunning.

Cocktail Towers are an incredible focal point for a wedding and look sensational, particularly the mixed cocktail towers.

  1. 5. Bloody Mary Bar

Multiday weddings with overnight accommodation are a big trend in themselves. Many of the best venues in the UK and abroad such as Aynhoe Park or Barnsley House are stunning and offer the perfect space for exclusive hire with accommodation for guests.

The Ultimate Bloody Mary station is a brilliant trend for breakfast cocktails the day after the night before. Creating a DIY bar with a huge amount of spices, spirits and condiments to make a Bloody Mary your way, is the perfect icebreaker. And who doesn’t love a Bloody Mary after a few too many drinks the night before?