Supplier Spotlight: PRESS

We stock a range of delicious PRESS juices and snacks at our lovely cafe on Lavender Hill, Battersea.

If you haven’t yet tried them, we highly recommend them and a personal favourite is the strawberry packed juice known as ‘The Orchard 1’ for its refreshing & light taste whilst also providing a rich source of antioxidants which deactivates free radicals within the body.


PRESS Juices


For anyone that doesn’t know, what is PRESS and what do you produce?

Press produces delicious cold-pressed juices. We use some extremely innovative ingredients, such as spirulina, charcoal, cayenne, turmeric and milk thistle. We don’t add any of the ‘bad stuff’ to our juices, they are 100% natural and delicious! The HPP system (Hight Pressure Processing) used to create our juices ensure all the nutrients and enzymes are preserved. This makes our juices 80% more nutritious and each 250ml bottle contains 2 of your 5 a day!


What was the initial inspiration behind PRESS?

PRESS was created by our two founders, Ed and Georgie when they were living in LA. They saw the booming juice market in the states and wanted introduce it to the UK!


What are the core values of PRESS?

At PRESS, we want to make healthy consumption choices accessible to everyone.

PRESS Juices

What does the future have in store for PRESS?

In the future, we want to become the number 1 health and wellness brand in the world!


Have you noticed any exciting emerging food trends for the next year or so?

Spirulina, seaweed and turmeric are going to become more and more popular.


PRESS Juice Range