Supplier Series: Rubies in the Rubble

Supplier Series: Rubies in the Rubble 


We chatted with the brilliant Jenny from Rubies in the Rubble who is the brains behind our go-to chutney brand. She started the fight against food waste back in 2012 and has been championing it ever since. We chatted all things food waste, how she started and her favourite pet pig!


Tell us a bit more about your company?

After moving from Scotland to London, I started reading about the issue of food waste.I realized the amount of food rejected was a lot, therefore I chose to give life to leftover fruit and vegetable, creating delicious condiments. In 2012 I decided to create Rubies in the rubbles thinking about the environmental impact and how to improve it.


What made you start your business?

Passion was the main reason as well as the awareness of food. Food has been always something that everyone could afford but it has a huge financial cost and impact to the planet. I realized that I 1/3 of all produce internationally, does not reach a plate, meaning tonnes of food is wasted every year.

I have seen the value of the food and I felt I had to do something to make people aware after realizing the financial and environmental consequences.


Why and how did you get started?

I started by myself. Since I was young, living in Scotland I was attracted from the way my mom used the excess of food and turned into chutneys with a natural fermentation.  I therefore started cooking, fermenting leftover and selling at Borough Market. Food waste is a global issue that arises through the food supply chain and the combined impact of food wastage contributes a big percentage of all greenhouse gasses emitted.


How did you come up with this product?

I wanted to share the idea of how to manage the food waste turning into something perishable with other food products but with a longer shelf life.

I strongly believe it is about educating people that food can be used as a whole.


What did you take away from 2020?

Well, despite the pandemic, I can say that 2020 brought us back the value of the health and the importance of life with a responsible way. What you consume is what make you save the planet.


How far does your produce travel to get to us?

Rubies in the rubbles have a great work relation with British farmer. We take the seasonal produces from the farmers and manufacturing in Devon and then export it within all the other areas.


How would you recommend we use The Chilli onion Relish?

This is one my favourite condiments that we created, I personally use it for many recipes and with lots of ingredients. It’s fantastic for light salads, perfect with Hummus and works really well with a simple cheese sandwich or soup. Try it with a squash soup and you won`t regret it!

Another great combination is with sweet potatoes, is a phenomenal match that I definitely recommend.


Tell us a fun fact or something no one knows about you?

When I was younger, I had a pig called Josephine and I spent lots of time with her. We were sleeping together, I was bringing her for a walk, we were never apart. I had so much fun and she was part of the family. One day my dad came home with a sausage machine saying we needed to decide about Josephine`s future. I was quite sad, but the options were either take Josephine to a Farm or slaughter her. Well, it was sad, but this made me think the importance of the place and environment where animals are growing as well as the awareness of my consuming.


Instagram: @rubiesintherubble