Supplier Series: Grant Harrington, Ampersand Dairy


Ampersand Dairy

Eliza had a wonderful call with the brilliant Grant from Ampersand Dairy earlier this year, we are yet to find anyone who loves their cows just as much as Grant does! We feel privileged to be on his long and distinguished customer list, the butter is truly wonderful. One of life’s great treats. It was brilliant to hear more about just how he started and what the future looks like.


What made you want to start your business and how did you start your business?

Working as a chef at Faviken, a remote restaurant in Sweden, I was introduced to the most incredible locally churned cultured butter, to have such an incredible taste from such a common and staple ingredient, I was blown away. Seeing that there was no butter like this in the UK, with such an incredible butter flavour, I had to share this with more people, influenced by the Scandinavian dairy techniques, I spent a year developing a butter recipe on a farm in Oxfordshire with the aim to show people that such a staple ingredient could taste so much better if time, process and effort was added.


What is one of your favourite products?

Other than the butter, we’ve developed our chocolate coated buttermilk fudge, and this is incredibly delicious.


What is your top tip for someone who wants to try and make butter at home? 

Keep your hands as cold as possible when handling, steer clear of warm hands and butter!


What is your focus for the future?

Our focus is to continue to produce the best butter in the UK, hand make other delicious products and further develop our sustainable efforts, working with environmentally sound suppliers and individual farmers who care about the future of our planet.


What has been a career highlight for you?

As a chef supplying over 40 Michelin stars worth of UK restaurants was a huge highlight for me, however the everyday comment from customers saying “This is the most buttery delicious butter ever” has been the biggest compliment I could ever receive.


What has been the biggest lesson you have learnt along the way?

It’s a lesson I’ll always continue to stand by as a chef, never serve or supply something you aren’t 110% happy with. Quality is something Ampersand will always pride itself in.


What did you take away from 2020?

Having mainly supplied hospitality and restaurants, in 2020 we rapidly adapted our set up at Ampersand to launch into a more direct to customer and retail friendly format. 2020 was an incredibly tough year, but moving to home deliveries and supplying fantastic shops and deli’s, as always, we are humbled to have our butter enjoyed nationwide. From 2020, we’re truly thankful for the undying British spirit of support and love for delicious products.


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