Summer Food Trends 2017

With the first glimpses of summer showing sign last weekend, we’re looking ahead to sunnier times with our top summer food trends for 2017.  Here’s our top 5…


Summer Food Trends

BBQ Peaches with Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut, which is a fruit, a nut and a seed all in one, (pretty handy!) is the trend that just keeps on giving. It started with coconut oil and coconut water and now we’re seeing coconut EVERYTHING… think chips, butter, ice cream, you name it, you can coconut-it!

We’re taking our inspiration from across the globe– in the US, they’re jazzing their ice cream up with coconut ash for colour and flavour and coconut jam from Asia has been a favourite for quite some time.

Savoury Yoghurts

socialpantrySUMMER-1212 copy

Beetroot Yoghurt

Get creative with your condiments this summer and pimp your yoghurt with a savoury twist. Think combinations such as smoky paprika with crumbled feta, cooling cucumber with mint, avocado and zesty lemon, cumin with toasted pine nuts – all served with a generous glug of extra virgin olive oil, cracked black pepper and sea salt. Dollop onto salads, enjoy with homemade burgers in place of mayonnaise, spread on rye bread and top with flaked mackerel… the options are limitless!


Summer Food Trends

Social Pantry S’mores

Not just for children and campfires, marshmallows are a fun and easy way to add some sweetness to your party. Finish your evening on an indulgent note and crack out a batch of S’mores; quick to prepare in advance, there are endless variations of the American classic that are guaranteed to get your friends taste buds tingling. Ditch the digestive and sandwich marshmallows and lemon curd with shortbread biscuits or why not get fruity and layer hobnobs with marshmallow, sliced fresh strawberry and dark chocolate.

Taco Fever

Summer Food Trends

Taco P A R T Y!

‘Taco about a party’! Give your menu the Mexican treatment and embrace this almighty dish for the summer months. The perfect solution for a wet summer’s day, grab a bunch of friends, create a feast and let the good times roll with tacos taking centre stage.

Perfect for feasting, cook up a selection of fillings and sides for your tacos and serve down the centre of a table. Feel free to use just about anything for your fillings – stay classic or use up fridge leftovers; we’ll be packing our tacos full of Coronation Cauliflower this summer.

Pickles & Ferments

Summer Food Trends

Freddie Janssen via Munchies

Step aside gherkins, there’s a new pickle-du-jour in town. Good for the gut and delicious to boot, pickled and fermented veg are one of my favourite ways to add vibrancy to any dish. Follow the Mexican wave and pickle some sliced jalapenos for a spicy kick or try quick pickling some strawberries to have with goats cheese and crackers – trust me, it’s a winner.