Summer Cocktail Ideas


At Social Pantry it never takes long for the summer cocktail love to spread.  Almost all of our events cannot resist an ice cold, beautifully made, vibrant and refreshing cocktail. Who can blame them, it never takes us long to jump on the band wagon of a enjoying a grown-up cocktail too….someone has to taste the menu after all!

Long gone are the days of the blue lagoon or sea breeze (although they were fun!) and even a simple Gin and Tonic.  Please make way for the artisan cocktail; a combination of artisan spirits and a beautiful garnish to provide sheer quality.

Whether it is the gorgeous vessel the cocktail is served in, the garnish making it too tempting to say no or the handsome bar man giving them away, there’s no wonder why the tender loving care given to cocktails is totally worth it.

Summer Cocktail

Never underestimate what a garnish can achieve.  Any mocktail or cocktail needs a garnish to make it stand tall and proud…

  • A sprig of lavender works perfectly with a round of lime to make a mocktail stand out from the crowd.
  • Edible flower ice cubes are great for a long cocktail and provide endless conversations amongst the guests
  • A long ribbon of cucumber wrapped around the inside of a glass can add a subtle flavour as well as style
  • A skewer of blueberries teamed with mint sprigs is a fun addition to all Mojitos
  • A dried blood orange round gives the classic old school cocktails a glamourous edge
  • If you are doing a wedge, go simple with grapefruit

With Gin being such a favourite amongst the office team (mostly Charlotte from Marketing), our top summer cocktail pick had to be a gin based cocktail.  What is so great about this cocktail is that you can serve it in a jug so which means it is great for when you have some friends coming round on a Friday night and need something which is a touch more special to enjoy after a long week.

Summer Cocktail

Serves 6-8


2 table spoons of brown sugar

Zest and juice of 2 limes

1 punnet of British Strawberries

1 litre of soda

35ml of gin per person and 2 extra for the jug, one more if it’s been a tough day

1 bunch of fresh mint

1 bag of ice


In a glass just mix the lime zest, sugar and lime juice so that the sugar dissolves.

Save a few strawberries for the garnish and roughly chop the rest.
Add to the jug and using a wooden spoon gently crush (muddle in cocktail terms) the strawberries.

Fill the jug half full with ice and add in a few mint sprigs

Measure in the gin and top up the jug with soda

In each glass place a mint spring and garnish with a strawberry of two.