Social Yoga & Mindfulness


At Social Pantry there is a keen focus on mindfulness and staying physically and, mentally fit during lockdown, so to keep our teams and the wider hospitality industry from feeling blue this winter we opened up our weekly Social Pantry Yoga so anyone can join.  For all of January and February, if you work in the hospitality industry you are welcome to join us:


Every Monday Morning for


All you need to do is email our brilliant yoga instructor: to join. Drop Tori a line by 3pm on Sunday and you will receive the meeting code by 6pm on Sunday evening. 

A note from our teacher Tori King:

Our Yoga is about how you feel, not about what you look like. 

Vinyasa for me is about moving the body with the breath and feeling what it feels like to be in our bodies in the present moment. My classes are taught with passion but also a view to create a space of acceptance and peace within us which comes from starting to learn something more about ourselves and that I believe is the magic of yoga. The class will be easily accessible for all as I am firm believe that yoga is for everyone even those that can’t touch their toes! 

Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Monday.