Sarah’s Ricotta Stuffed Courgette Flowers

courgette flower

You know it is the start of the summer when courgette flowers start piling onto your instagram feed. Well, we bloody love it! Courgette flowers are the perfect start to any meal, whether you are dining alfresco for date night as just th two of you or feeding a family with a feast they are always a winner in our book. We always love to get creative with the fillings, you can try all sorts of flavours and textures. Sometime running a lovely pesto through the ricotta is a perfectly simple addition or why not go one step further by stuffing with whipped goats’ cheese, truffle oil and hazelnuts.

Sarah has worked a lot of weddings and events over the last few years at Social Pantry and her recipe is a kitchen staple at SP.


Ricotta and Lemon Stuffed Courgette Flowers

Serves 2 – 4

8-10 Courgette Flowers

Sunflower Oil, for Deep Frying

2 tbsp runny honey


To Fill:

100g Ricotta (Mascarpone also works)

50g grated Parmesan, or strong hard cheese

2 tbsp chopped herbs, we used parsley and mint

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 lemon, zested


Tempura Batter:

170g plain flour plus a little more for coating

1 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

400ml sparkling water



Start by gently heating the oil in a large pan or deep fat frying until it reaches 180C

Mix all the filling ingredients together and season with sea salt and pepper.

To prepare the courgette flowers gently remove the stamen from the centre before filling them with a tsp or two of the mix. Twist the leaves together at the top to seal.

Prepare the batter by mixing together the dry ingredients and gradually adding in the sparkling water until the batter is smooth.

Lightly coat the courgette flowers in flour before dipping each one in the batter and drop them into the hot oil, fry for a few minutes on each side until crisp.

Enjoy drizzled in honey!