Ronnie’s Winter warming Christmas Cocktail Recipe

The perfect festive tipple


Ronnie – our banging general manager at Soane’s Kitchen and mixologist master – has been creating the perfect winter cocktail that is ideal for festive parties and easy to shake up for you and your guests.
This cocktail does not only smells and taste of Christmas, its raisin and walnut infused Bulleit Bourbon warms you even on the coldest of nights.


Check out the recipe below:


  • House infused raisin and walnut Bulleit Bourbon
  • Amaretto Liqueur
  • Brown Cocoa Liqueur
  • Aromatic bitters
  • Topped with Nytimber classic cuvee sparkling wine
  • And finished with a charred marshmallow, cinnamon powder dusting and fresh mint sprig



Where do you find raisin infused Bulleit Bourbon you ask? Ronnie makes his own of course, and he has gifted you the perfect method to do so… check it out:


“We take rasins and walnuts and pop them in a pan and warm through on a medium heat.

Once they start to heat up, the raisins will release their sticky goodness and bind with the walnuts and become very aromatic.

To seal the flavour in you then you add your bourbon into a pan or a bowl (once heated through).

Cover the bowl with cling film making sure it is air tight, then pop it in your cupboard out of direct light for around a week to let those flavours infuse and blend.

After a week of infusing you then filter the liquid through a fine sieve or cheese cloth if you have some. We want the liquid to be clear of any bits – no one wants a cocktail full of small lumps of walnut…

Finally, bottle it back up and you are set with your own Christmas bourbon to smash out some cracking Christmas cocktails.”