Rebel Rebel’s Top Autumn Floral Tips

Mairead, co-founder of Rebel Rebel, shares her favourite styling tips for high-impact Autumnal floral arrangements.



Foliage is a huge inspiration to us and Autumn foliage is a total joy. On our (almost daily) trips to the flower market, we first dive into the foliage suppliers to see what gorgeous gear they have collected. A simple glass vase or urn filled with large branches of Sweetgum, Beech and whatever else is around is the best way to fill a space.


If you want to include more flowers, a tall metal stand is very versatile and eye-catching. you can have a wild tangle of foliage, berries, dahlias and roses on top and anything you like underneath.


Table Styling



Large arrangements can get in the way of sharing plates, so it is better in that instance to dot the table with little vases of bright flowers and trail foliage along the table. Autumn beech leaves lie perfectly flat and introduce gorgeous rich colours.


Deep dark red, almost black dahlias and russet hydrangeas provide the rich colour palette of early Autumn. This slowly moves into Winter with big reds, purples, shades of pink of anemones and the silvery blues of pine and eucalyptus.