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Cook From The Heart

Cut waste out of the equation with these four recipes from caterer,
café owner and restaurateur Alex Head


THE MORE YOU look into sustainable food practices the more abundantly clear it is that, while there’s specific knowledge that’ll help you achieve the goal of being more of a conscious cook, a lot of it is pure, simple common sense. Stuff like if you’re creating a main dish with three sides, using waste ingredients from one in a couple of the others is probably a good idea. That if you’re blitzing herbs for a chimichurri, the stalks add loads of flavour and texture, so throwing them away is crazy. Or if there are enough blackberries out and about in London to feed a small army, cooking with them is an obvious move.

Alex Head knows all this and more. And she’s a cook on a mission, too: not only does she own and operate one of London’s premier catering operations, an easygoing café in Battersea and, most recently, a fully fledged restaurant, Soane’s Kitchen, in the beautiful Pitzhanger Manor in Ealing; her career has also been punctuated by brilliant work with the charity Key4Life and a focus on sustainable cooking, too. We could go on, but we’ll let the recipes do the talking.


Social Pantry, Alex Head, Featured in Foodism Mag


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