Social Pantry becomes latest employer to: Ban The Box

We are delighted to announce that Social Pantry has been recognised as an accredited Ban The Box employer! This means we’re removed the tick box from our job application forms that asks about criminal convictions. We’re the leader in ex-offender employment in hospitality, paving the way for other businesses to make the leap.

What is Ban The Box all about?

The Ban The Box campaign challenges the stereotypes of people with conviction histories. It asks employers to choose their best candidates based on job skills and qualifications, not past convictions. We recruit from behind bars and employ ex-offenders on release because it works. We have seen first-hand the positive difference this makes in the lives of ex-offenders and within company culture. Over the years we have employed a number of brilliant individuals. They have proved themselves to be capable, hard-working and driven. These men are an asset to our business. And we are always proud when they progress to work for other companies too!

Our commitment to a fairer future for ex-offenders

We are committed to creating fair opportunities for people who are skilled and able to work to compete for roles. During a time in which the hospitality industry is struggling for staff, it makes sense to reduce the unnecessary exclusion of capable candidates. Removing barriers to employment can bring diverse talent and essential skills into the UK workforce. And the hospitality industry needs this more than ever. We hope the success of our work with ex-offenders will inspire other companies to do their bit to make a positive change.

This is what Silvia Lombardi, our HR & Culture Manager, has to say about working with ex-offenders:

“We never have, and never will, judge anybody at Social Pantry – no matter what their background is.”

“10% of our workforce at Social Pantry is made up by ex-offenders. Every individual needs a second chance, especially when they have already paid the price for previous mistakes. Our aim is to be impartial and non-judgemental when recruiting. We take people’s background into account in order to best support them going forwards – not to exclude them from the start. We are proud to be a Ban The Box employer giving all candidates a fair opportunity.”

If you’re looking for a socially-conscious caterer for your event, wedding or workplace, get in touch!