People Who Eat Together, Work Better Together

People have been getting together to eat food for generations, so why should this change in your work place? Think about it, most of us use food as the glue to celebrate and socialise. Nothing makes conversation and ideas flow better than great grub and company. So, we suggest that you put your pen down for 20 minutes, gather together and have a spot of lunch. Our fresh, seasonal and delicious food is the ultimate work perk – something that everyone on the team will appreciate. Find out more about our contract catering service here, or get in touch with our team of account managers.

Have a good old natter, with an SP sharing platter:

Sweet Potato Wedges with Goat’s Cheese and Caramelised Red Onion

Smashed Avocado with Chilli, Basil and Lime with Crudités

English Cheddar and Brie Cheese Board with Chutney, Crackers and Grapes

A selection of Aged Parma Ham, Salami Picante, Air Dried Bresaola, Handmade Rosemary Focaccia, Grissini and Olive Breads


Sliders to Share:

12-hour Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

Lobster Roll with Spiced Mayonnaise and Baby Gem Lettuce

Miso and Honey’d Aubergine Slider


Seasonal Sharing Salads:

Rosemary Roasted Sweet Potato with Bulgar Wheat, Pomegranate, Spinach & Feta (v)

Zatar Carrots and Avocado Salad with Seeds and Wild Rice

Green Salad with Cherry Tomato, Cucumber Ribbons and Citrus Dressing (v)

Five Reasons Why Employee’s Should Eat Together:

  • It boosts productivity
  • It’s a team building exercise
  • It’s good for wellbeing
  • It helps with communication
  • It makes people happy

Why not theme your get-together lunches?
Eid June 14th-15th
Father’s Day…even if you’re not a father, June 17th
Summer Picnic… fine this isn’t an official occasion, but everyone loves a picnic
Halloween October 31st
Bonfire Nights November 5th
Diwali November 8th – 12th
Thanksgiving November 24th
Hanukkah December 2nd – 10th
CHRISTMASSSSSSSSS – now you have no excuse!