Meet the team: Chloe Mamet – London In The Sky

‘Meet the team’ gives you an insight into the faces behind the amazing team at Social Pantry.


We work extremely hard at Social Pantry to organise the food, planning and events that we create exclusively for you. We feel that everyone should recognise and congratulate the effort these guys and gals go through to produce the wicked parties they plan.

So from the Social Pantry team, well done Chloe – you’re a star!

Chloe is one of our trusted event planners. Other than trying to be the joker of the office, she also gets the job done and never ceases to amaze us all with her events – from L’Occitane to Converse.


Here are a few questions we put to chloe to dig a bit deeper into London In The Sky and why she loves being an event planner…


So, Chloe… what is ‘London in The Sky’ and what makes it different from all the other events you have planned?
Well, I’ve never planned an event suspended 100 feet in the air, spanning over 75 days and feeding over 23,000 guests. So that’s a start!

Joking aside, we’re so fortunate to work with a number of fantastic suppliers on this event. Having such a talented and enthusiastic force behind the operation has been such a fun experience to be a part of. In addition, getting to work on an event that isn’t like anything else in London is a privilege that I and the whole Social Pantry team are honoured to be a part of.

Whether you’re treating you’re significant other or entertaining some special clients, London in the Sky is the best platform going to indulge a little this summer.


If any of the lovely people reading this were to book a spot to eat in London In The Sky, what would they expect?
They can expect some insane views of our amazing London skyline with some delicious food and great booze. Dining in the Sky has never taken place at such an iconic location before and you could even join us after a show at The O2, what’s not to love!?

If heights aren’t your thing then you can grab some liquid courage in our beautifully designed gin garden before strapping in for an experience you won’t soon forget. On top of all of this, imagine the selfies!! That’s bound to get a solid number of likes on the old insta!


What is the best part of being an event planner at Social Pantry?
I’ve always been a pretty active, some might say restless, and social individual and knew I would never suit a job spent solely in an office. I work best when I’m exercising a little organised chaos in my work life and that’s definitely what the events industry is all about. No two days are the same, from weddings, private events, conferences & venue launches we’re constantly kept busy. It suits me perfectly!

We’ve also got a super tight knit team who are always seeing each other through which is so important for me and my professional life. I’m all about balance in the workplace and Social Pantry definitely work to provide this, despite being an incredibly busy, growing business.


If you had to choose one person to have dinner with up in the sky, who would you choose? (remember, they can’t go anywhere as you’re both stuck 100 feet in the air)
Mr G from Summer Heights High, that man would keep you entertained for hours!


Theresa May, she could definitely use a drink


If you’re interested in London In The Sky then check out or latest blog post, or just go ahead and book tickets here.