Meet Justicia from the new Woolwich Works venue

 Social Pantry x Woolwich Works 


Social Pantry work with a number of the finest London venues creating incredible events for all occasions. One of our new venues is Woolwich Works, a newly refurbished venue in Woolwich, Arsenal. If you missed our latest blog on the incredible venue you can check it out here. Not only is Woolwich Works one of the most exciting new venues in London, they also have one of the best event teams in London, in clouding the brilliant Justicia. We chatted to the brilliant Justicia, Event Sales Manager at Woolwich Works and literally cannot wait to start creating some fantastic, memorable parties with the on site team!


  1. Can you introduce WW and explain more about the venue?


Woolwich Works is London’s newest multi-disciplinary cultural hub for the arts and events. We have five fantastic historic Grade II and Grade II* listed buildings on the Royal Arsenal which have been transformed into what is set to become a thriving new space for events and the arts.  It is a multi-million pound council-led project will provide extensive event and conference facilities across seven flexible spaces with a maximum capacity of 1800 standing.

It features an impressive flat floor space, two main event spaces, an external courtyard and studios. The spaces have been configured with Covid19 guidelines in mind.  As a newly refurbished venue it has had significant investment in technology, capable of hosting digital and hybrid events, supported by dedicated on-site technicians.

Woolwich Works will provide event buyers with a creative new space, with strong links to the arts and culture, all this and its easily accessed from central London, docklands, London City Airport and soon to be served by cross rail.


  1. What are you most excited about with the opening of WW?


I am excited to see everyone back together and to be surrounded by the buzz of events happening again. I can’t wait to get to see some of the performances live, especially Ashley Henry.  It’s also great to know that we’re going to be a part of the return to live events, especially after what has been a difficult time for everyone.


  1. What are your favourite types of events to manage and what do you think will be most popular in the space?


My favourite events to manage are Christmas parties and weddings as they are such special occasions.  I always find that guests are really relaxed and joyous. Equally, I love when a client has a specific theme, finally watching it come to life after months of planning is amazing and what it’s all about. For weddings, I always encourage couples to plan the day that will be special to them as they can sometimes get lost in what would be nice for their guests.


I believe the most popular events will be experiential events in our main space, the Fireworks Factory. It’s a large blank canvas and for those looking to do a summer event they can add on our outside space, the Workers Yard for an amazing indoor and outdoor feel. Additionally, weddings will work perfectly in the Knight Gallery and Beanfeast, they are perfect for an intimate gathering but also a larger celebration with family and friends.


  1. Can you explain the lovely story behind naming the event spaces?


Each space has been thoughtfully named and has allowed us to inject a piece of history into each space . Our main space the Firework Factory, pays homage to Woolwich, as it used to be the royally approved fireworks provider for all sorts of occasions – coronations, celebrations of peace treaties, and royal jubilees.

Beanfeast, is named after the national holiday proclaimed by King George III during his 1773 visit to the site.


There is a beautiful love story behind the Knight Gallery. It’s named after a couple who lived and worked on the arsenal. Eliza Adelaide Knight and Donald Adolphus Brown. Eliza was born in Bethnal Green, 1871, a leader of the first East London suffragettes and one of the most important figures of the women’s suffrage movement. She spent her life fighting stereotypes and overcoming prejudice to build a fairer society. Her husband  Donald his father from Guyana and his mother from London. He  is best known for his bravery, after saving many lives after raising the alarm when a fire broke out on the Arsenal he received the Edward Medal for his brave act.


  1. What are you looking forward to with events at Woolwich Works?

I’m looking forward to see how client’s will transform the spaces. I feel like each space will allow client’s to be creative and create their dream event. As well as seeing the amazing food that our caterers will be bringing on site, as no matter how beautiful the event looks, it always needs even better food and drink! I just can’t wait to see it come alive!