Meet Emily – our NEW Culture Manager!

Well HELLO Culture Manager!

What an exciting time for Social Pantry!! We are looking ahead to a really exciting next few years and Alex wants to make sure Social Pantry is one of the best food companies to work in.

Please meet the gorgeous Emily, we got together over an iced latte to hear more.


About your role:

Firstly, are you excited to be back at Social Pantry?

Of course! I have really missed everyone… and the amazing salads!!


Tell us about being Culture Manager at SP?

I loved everything about Social Pantry as soon as I saw the job advert back in 2016 and I’d like everyone else to feel inspired like I did… from when they first hear about us and throughout their entire time with us.


Why is employee wellness so important?

Alex always reminds us, at every get together, that the team is a huge part of the success of Social Pantry and so it’s very important that everyone feels comfortable, valued and happy. Working in the catering and eventing industry is tough; it takes hard work, passion and dedication and I want to make sure everyone is thriving, growing and has found a healthy balance. I want Social Pantry to fly the flag for employee well-being and be THE best.


What working environment and company culture would you like to implement at Social Pantry?

I know what it’s like to feel intimidated at work. The first day in a new role, Monday mornings or big or new challenges can be hard to navigate. I want everyone to feel at ease regardless of their history. I’d also like everyone to pursue personal goals, and pull together to achieve team ones, but also know it’s fine if they’re not sure what those goals look like yet.


What sort of work environment brings out the best in people?

I really believe that a good team blend and bond is all you need. There’s no formal hierarchy at SP. We all lunch together and help each other no matter what. I love to see people from wide ranging backgrounds working together; it pushes people to engage, challenge perceptions and think about things in a different way.


About you!

We know you love gin, is this still your favourite tipple?

Yes but these days I try to mix it up a bit… like blueberries or grapefruit instead of lemon or lime!


Do you have a guilty food indulgence… go on, we won’t judge!

I’m very cheesy. I’ve been known to have a whole baked camembert to myself. I’m also battling a biscuit addiction.


What would be your desert island dish?

A seafood platter – which shouldn’t be too difficult on a desert island!!


Who would be your dream dinner date? 

I love to hear Michel Roux Snr talk about food. I once saw him shave teeny tiny flecks of broccoli florets onto a dish for presentation and I just adored that level of detail and ingenuity!