Make your BBQ stand out from the crowd this Summer

Anyone can burn a sausage and skewer some halloumi…but take note to keep your BBQ interesting and make sure it stands out from the crowd, take a chance with some more unusual cuts of meat.



Try Bavette steak.

It’s packed with flavour, and it’s a thin cut so doesn’t take long to cook, leaving you more time to slice up some salad or sip on a drink. Best served ‘rare’ or less, it’s great with a fresh pesto drizzled on top.

Forget pork belly and try lamb belly

If you have a bit more time on your hands and you are blessed with good Sunday weather try a lamb belly bbq roast.   Best to seal the meat in a pan with some hot oil first, ten minutes is fine, then wrap the lamb in foil, poke with foil and leave on embers for 1.5 hours until juicy, tender and can be pulled apart with your fingers. This fatty cut will ooze with flavour.

Serve the lamb in a  BBQ’d flat bread with a good dollop of spiced yoghurt or labneh and sprinkle abundantly with fresh herbs and tomato salsa.

Hanger Steak

‘Hanger is like that indie band that hasn’t quite hit top-40 mainstream status yet but is big enough that everybody and their mother’s heard about it’ []

This cut is exciting as it is an undiscovered cost effective option to Rib Eye.  Packed with flavour, it also takes well to a hearty marinade but you do need to cook this cut of meat so that it is medium rare, any less and it will be slightly soft and anything over will become slightly chewy.

We love a simple marinade, for me smothering it in garlic, olive oil, cracked pepper and plenty of fresh herbs does the trick. Get the heat high and it will develop a good char, finger licking good.


BBQKeep your BBQ veggie… we dare you.

Grilled vegetables are just as delicious, they help keep costs down and it’s actually a bit cleaner all round. Speaking of which, before you cook anything on the barbeque, rub an onion, sliced in half, on the end of a fork over the grate. The acid loosens any baked-on grit. It’s much better than using any chemicals and will help flavour your food.

Sweet Potato

Sweeten up your jackets this summer, wrap sweet potatoes in foil and place on the coals for 30 – 40minutes. Best enjoyed piled high with beans, avocado, tahini yoghurt or smothered in herb butter and fresh crisp salad leaves. Perfect for filling up a hungry crowd.


Aubergine is a great veggie BBQ staple, thinly sliced for crisps or kept chunky for wedges, brush with olive oil and place on the BBQ. Serve as a warm salad with baby spinach, pomegranate, tahini, lemon and garlic yoghurt. For the finer touch, you can’t go wrong if you top it with pine nuts, torn basil leaves and roasted cherry tomatoes.

Chargrilled Avocado, Cauliflower, Broccoli…


Go bold and be proud. Often most of the praise comes from guests who love the simplicity of a half grilled broccoli or avocado. Marry the veggies up with the perfect partner: cauliflower & cumin, avocado & lemon, broccoli & garlic, cut it in half or into chunks, brush with oil and placed on the BBQ. Have fun with the garnish, go nutty, seedy, leafy or a yoghurt often hits the spot.

BBQ Corn with Miso butter and lemon

All hail the corn! You know it’s time for summer fun when corn pictures start to appear on your insta feed and we love it! Miso butter will make yours stand out, mix together the miso and butter and smother over freshly BBQ’d corn.

Serve your veggie BBQ’d with great dips and condiments, a cucumber labneh, yellow tomato and basil salsa, burnt onion mayonnaise, beetroot yoghurt and you can’t go wrong.  Enjoy!



Move over salmon, there’s a new fish in down…

According to the British Ecological Society, warming seawater means that warm-water fish such as sardines and squid will increase in numbers in UK waters, while cold-water fish such as cod and haddock will be forced to migrate further north.

Step in the mighty sardine – no longer just a cheap, emergency toast topping.  As a luxury main ingredient,  fresh whole sardines from Cornwall covered in lemon juice and BBQ’d will leave your guests loving you.

Like other fish, they’re high in protein, but they also have the benefit of being an oily fish, so they are also a source of heart-healthy omega-3, what a  bonus!



Coconut is a definitive trend for 2017 and is a great accompaniment to barbequed fruit.  Don’t leave the desserts out from the BBQ fun – why not try BBQ Peaches with Coconut Yogurt or Grilled Pineapple with Coconut Sorbet…tropical summer on a plate!