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I’ll Get Better At Sustainable Eating

Social Pantry’s New Year Resolutions featured by Sheerluxe


“Alongside fashion, we’re also becoming more eco-friendly with our food. And a key starting point is cutting down on food wastage in your own kitchen. Alex Head, founder of Social Pantry, says you can begin by ensuring all parts of your food have a purpose: “Becoming more sustainable is hugely important to us, so reducing waste by preparing and eating more root-to-stem and nose-to-tail dishes, will increase our zero-waste policy. We’ve already pickled lots of fruit and veg from last year’s summer glut and with lots of new delicious seasonal produce coming in at this time of year, we can’t wait to get in the kitchen and store these away for a rainy day. Pickling and fermenting is a great way of eating healthily in the winter months.”

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