How to plan a sustainable wedding

The team here at Social Pantry are quite the experts when it comes to catering for weddings. For the past ten years we have worked on every theme and trend you can think of, but one wedding movement we’re very proud to have championed from the start is the desire for a more sustainable wedding. From the initial planning to the final execution and everything in between, we have ensured we’re able to offer the most environmentally friendly event planning ideas for every budget. We’ve rounded up a few things here to consider when planning a sustainable wedding to make sure we’re all doing our bit to protect the planet.

Sustainable Wedding

How to make your wedding more sustainable

Traditionally, planning a zero waste wedding would be quite a difficult task; a dress worn once, flowers that are thrown away after a few hours, food that doesn’t get eaten. But as the world is becoming more conscious of the damages this does to the planet, sustainable weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Even if it’s just elements of planet friendly options that you chose to include in your big day, little changes can make a big difference and can be made with very little effort. 

Sustainable wedding flowers 

Florists that offer sustainable wedding flowers are now very easily accessible and shouldn’t differ hugely in price. Ask your local florist how they source their environmentally friendly wedding flowers, and don’t be afraid to question their sustainability credentials. Growing your own wedding flowers has become a huge trend in the wedding world and is massively rewarding, as well as a brilliant sustainable option. This will usually require an allotment and a couple of years of practise and planning so make sure you factor this in if you wanted to go down this route. 

Plan what you will do with all of your fabulous florals after your big day in order to create a zero waste wedding. Offering hand-made bunches to guests after the wedding, drying your bouquets to make thank you cards and framing your blooms to create lasting momentums are all lovely touches and a gorgeous way to recycle your wedding flowers to give them life long after you tie the knot.

Sustainable wedding venue 

Due to the demand for environmentally friendly weddings it is now possible to find a sustainable wedding venue that covers all of your requirements in order to create a zero waste reception. It’s worth bearing in mind that locally sourced, home grown products can often mean better in terms of quality and for the environment but not always better for your budget! Consider what is important to you, can you cut costs on some of the plus ones and guests you feel you need to invite in favour of putting more budget towards a more sustainable wedding? Speak to a sustainable wedding venue to get their options and thoughts on how they are able to offer environmentally friendly wedding ideas that you could also replicate if your budget didn’t stretch to their costs.

Other things to think about

Renting your wedding dress, using sustainable brands for invites and wedding stationery and opting for locally sourced wines are all simple yet effective ways to ensure your big day is protecting the planet as much as possible and can in fact be cheaper than the less environmentally friendly wedding options.

Our dedicated wedding team are experts at sustainable weddings and are always on hand to offer tips and advice on how to make sure your big day is as planet friendly as possible. You can find out more about the sustainable wedding reception foods we specialise in here, or please give us a call to discuss in more detail.