How to create happy employees

Have you ever heard about the dreamy GOOGLE offices or taken a look at the very famous Fruit Towers which houses Innocent smoothies?  Most people catch wind of these guys’ employee perks and cannot wait to apply for a job.  Companies who openly embrace rewarding staff are definitely on to a winner, no company can operate without brilliant employees and there are some brilliantly simple ways to reward.

Along with keeping your employees informed on company growth and the bigger picture, rotating people throughout roles where possible and financially rewarding employees are a few simple, easy and achievable steps to creating very happy employees.

One other popular medium is food.

With numerous fintech start-ups hitting the London scene, we have seen a rise in the demand for employee lunches.  It is just as common in the States as it is in the UK now to provide lunch for your staff; employers are embracing the demand and looking to feed staff with once a week or even daily lunches.

5 simple ideas to keep your employees happy

  1. Provide a pantry

Photo 24-11-2015, 15 13 53Office fruit bowls and nuts stations are a really simple way to provide staff with healthy snacks.  Why not add in homemade nut bars and energy balls to keep the selection varied, interesting and tempting. Gone are the days of a can of coke and a bag of monster munch…surely?!

  1. Monday Motivation

IMG_7676Get your week off to a flying start by providing a Monday breakfast – your staff will be skipping to work! A selection of light pastries, healthy cereals, fruit, egg, spinach and avocado pots along with fresh juices are most popular amongst the offices we feed.

  1. Once a week treat

IMG_3976Feeding your staff once a week is great way to start.  If you want to introduce lunches gradually or don’t have the budget to initially provide lunch Monday – Friday, we promise you’ll still see the  benefit of providing lunch or breakfast once a week. It is great for all employees to break together, not only because the team cohesion and communication improves but it’s also a great way to settle in new staff.

  1. Birthday!

Simple, a cake and a lie in. Lets face it, any lie in is always welcomed and one on your birthday makes you feel even more special. Then a midday arrival into a cake, candles, card and an awkward present opening will make your employee feel glad their birthday has fallen on a week day.

  1. Happy hour

PJE16.DuneAW16 (130)Who at the end of a long week would not love the sound of  a happy hour?! Any mention of a cold wine, fun cocktail or mocktail makes most people think…thank goodness, YES PLEASE!  Shortening a Friday by two hours (two quite commonly unproductive hours of the week) and providing a lovely bar tender, some fun nibbles and perhaps a tune or two is often a welcomed experience according to our clients.

We can offer a helping hand with any of the above, just ask.