Five ways office catering can incentivise employees back

Read on to hear how office catering can bring the workforce back together and add something extra special to post-covid office life.

Over the last 18 months, a lot has changed in the way we work and the rush back to office life is proving tricky for some companies to promote, after what feels like a lifetime of working from home. Companies are now looking for ways to entice employees back to the office environment by offering them work perks that aren’t available when working from home.

Here at Social Pantry, we’re on a mission to change the way companies consider office catering in order to make workplace lunches something worth commuting for! As the nation becomes increasingly more focused on the impact of our carbon footprint and our health is being prioritised more than ever, it’s time to ditch the mediocre meal deals and soggy sandwiches as we offer a solution to revolutionising workforce lunches.

1. Breakfast, Brunches and office lunches

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It’s a proven fact that eating well in the workplace can have a significant impact on overall health and well-being amongst the team, as well as boosting performance and productivity throughout the day. Providing the workforce with a nutritious breakfast, brunch or lunch drop off is not only a brilliant way to ensure teams are on top of their game but is a fantastic work perk to make commutes that bit more bearable, giving employees a reason to get into the office earlier and save time spent in long sandwich shop queues!

2. Monthly meetups made easy with office drop-offs

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Here at Social Pantry, we pride ourselves on creating food that brings teams together. It’s understandable that some of the team may be a bit reluctant to jump on the tube back to the office and for a lot of the workforce, easing back into office life a few days a week has been a welcomed option. Give the team a reason to look forward to returning to the office with a monthly meet-up – a brilliant way to build colleague relationships, introduce new starters as well as ease anyone reluctant to return to office life with work perks that will make them eager to get back. Our office catering options cover all dietary requirements and can be adapted to the tone and feel of any workforce, from corporate client meetings to casual networking sessions. We also offer a wide range of refreshments for team drinks with a difference!

3. Throw an office opening party

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Remember a time before zoom calls and virtual meetings? Us neither. But as normality begins to resume, now is a great time to show the team some appreciation for the last turbulent few months and embrace being able to finally come together in real life, with a welcome back-to-the-office party!

Give the team something to celebrate with office perks that are not the same when working from home. We love to ‘wow’ with our office catering options and can discuss ways to throw the perfect party depending on the requirements of the team. By using an office catering company for the welcome back get-together, we take the stress out of sourcing workforce food that will please the whole team. Taking care of everything from condiments to cutlery, here at Social Pantry we have years of experience in catering events from large-scale wedding breakfasts to intimate dinner parties so rest assured we can make sure the office opening party is worth the wait!

4. Celebrate sustainability with contract catering

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If one good thing has come out of the last 18 months, it has been the shift in thinking when it comes to where we spend our money and the businesses we chose to support. Combining health and quality with sustainability and supporting independent businesses is now more than ever a change people are introducing into their lives as much as possible. These are causes that have long been at the centre of everything we do at Social Pantry. We recognise the importance of carefully considered, sustainably sourced produce from local, independent suppliers which we can bring to your team daily via our office contract catering, offering the perfect way to win over the workforce as well as supporting local independent companies and important social causes.

5. Support social causes through workplace food

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As well as our passion for exceptional service, quality produce, and sustainable values, here at Social Pantry we also offer companies a way to support social causes through their office catering options. Making a meaningful impact through the medium of food, we work closely with local prisons and charities such as Key4Life to train and support ex-offenders, offering them a second chance and a new trade as well as skills for life after prison. More than 10% of the current team are ex-offenders who have learned and developed their trade through the mentoring of the company. Supporting smaller businesses, improving sustainability, and making a genuine and positive impact on people’s lives has been the constant driving force behind Social Pantry from the beginning, and continues to be in everything we do including our office catering services.

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