Social Pantry Employee Wellbeing Summit

A culture of employee wellbeing is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’. 70% of the City’s workforce report they feel stressed at work and staff turnover rates are at all time high. With increasing awareness of mental health, stress and anxiety it has forced employee wellbeing to rise to the top of the corporate agenda.


As London’s ‘go to’ caterers we are experts in fuelling offices across the City, providing nutritious breakfasts, lunches and everything in-between we have witnessed first-hand how the smallest of changes can make a huge difference in team morale and overall wellbeing.


With Employee wellbeing at the forefront of Social Pantry’s mind we decided to team up with some industry leading experts to host our first Employee Wellbeing Summit, to educate employers across the London on simple ways that they can improve the wellbeing of their staff.

Our Panel

Alex Head – Social Pantry CEO and Founder

Ed Foy – Press Juices Co Founder and CEO

Harry Jameson – Wellness Business Consultant and Elite Performance Coach

Chieu Cao – Founder of Mintago and Perk Box

Vida Carmel – Behavioural Change Coach

5 Things We Learned

  • Listen to your team – ultimately every working environment is different, and workforces have different needs and priorities. Asking your team what they’d like in terms of work-perks and culture is a great place to start. For example, if you’re a young company, with a ‘work-hard-play-hard’ culture maybe the team would value Happy Hour once a month, and healthy lunches or breakfasts each day. Or, maybe you’ve got a team who travel from far to get in – they might really appreciate flexi-hours, or the option to work from home sometimes.


  • Wellbeing needs to be an integral part of your culture. This doesn’t necessarily mean having a huge wellbeing budget – more just that you take the time to check in on people and see how they really are. It’s doing things that help them feel trusted, it’s the way that people speak to each other, and ultimately the support you can offer when people need it.


  • Wellbeing isn’t solely linked to ‘perks’ – employees need to feel valued and appreciated. Perks can form a big part of this; for example a workplace that offers employees access to a lovely gym, a free lunch, or financial advice will help employees feel that their hard work is appreciated.


  • Financial wellbeing is a thing! Ultimately personal finances can be a source of stress for many of us, and there’s still a bit of a taboo when talking about money, especially at work. As an employer, offering guidance to help people navigate savings, mortgages, or achieving financial goals is a great way to help your team feel in control and stress-free. This is especially valuable to younger team members, when managing finances can feel like a bit of a minefield.


  • A happy workforce is one that can enjoy spending ‘downtime’ together – without an ulterior motive. Whether that’s sharing a non-work-related lunch, or a taking time for an away-day together, or even a big trip – spending time out of the office together will really help the team to gel and work better together. Things like this will give hardworking employees things to look forward to, and then ultimately help them be better team-mates and more productive.

Its clear to see that you only need to make small changes to improve your culture, retain staff and improve overall wellbeing within your team. Although some methods will inevitably come at a cost to the business, you will notice a return on bottom line when you have a fully motivated team.

How Social Pantry can help improve your Employee’s Wellbeing:

It is proven that eating well at work increases energy levels, elevates mood, improves overall performance and reduces stress and anxiety. We have created well priced, fresh, seasonal and delicious office catering packages that can be delivered to your office daily or weekly. So, why not let us fuel your workforce and help you take steps towards improve your team wellbeing?

Hear from one of our office clients, on how we’ve helped transform their lunchtime and office culture.

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Check out our Employee Wellbeing Summit Video here. Thanks to the wonderful Press Juices team for recording this!