Employee Of The Month – January

 Featuring Sarah Turner

Our employee of the month opens up and provides a little insight into her role at Social Pantry and how she came to be here.


What was your role when you joined Social Pantry versus the role you now have and how did you move into this position?

I joined as a Chef de Partie as part of the events team back in January 2018. Then in October, I moved into a part-time development role which enabled me to experiment with recipes for photoshoots and recipe creation. I then moved to join our Ealing team to work as the Head Chef in our fab restaurant in, Soane’s Kitchen, back in December. In my short time at Social Pantry, I have had the opportunity to try many different roles within the company which has been hugely positive and taught me many new skills along with the opportunity to lead a team.


What made you want to get into cooking?

My granny was a chef and she inspired me to take this career path because she was always so passionate about food. And under the influence of my dad, he always made eating a sociable affair so we always came together as a family for meal times and still make an effort to do so. I also love working with British seasonal ingredients and the creativity that comes from cooking with these ingredients.


What’s the most inspiring part of your job?
I love working on events where I can create the menu and see this come to life. It’s even better when you get to hear the positive feedback after the occasion, knowing that customers and clients have enjoyed it.


If I were a superhero, my superpower would be?
To speak any language, that would be my dream, as then I could travel without feeling worried about the communication aspect.


If you were a pasta shape, what shape would you be and why?
Strozzapreti (I know, who knew what this was…) I love eating it because of its texture and it’s less fussy than spaghetti.


What’s your favourite ingredient?
Sea salt flakes, such a fan!


Do you have a sweet tooth and if so, what’s your go to dish?
Gu chocolate puddings… anyday!! LOVE THEM.


Cats or dogs?
Dogs without a doubt. I regularly make the trip home just to see ours.