A Day In The Life of: Xanthe Somers

Introducing our brilliant onsite Chef at The Allbright – Xanthe Somers…

Whats your morning routine?

Out of bed, quick run around clapham common, coffee, another cup of coffee, oats with pip and nut butter and blueberries then off to Allbright to start my day in the kitchen.


Tea, Coffee or something herbal?

Absolute coffee snob


Where do you work at SP and what is your job role?

I work at The Allbright, the first women’s membership club in London, as the onsite chef.

Favourite dinner to cook?

Homemade pasta with Duck Ragu 

INGREDIENTS – Duck ragu:

4 duck legs

2 chopped red onions

4 leeks chopped

bay leaves

4 cloves garlic


250 ml red wine

1 litre homemade stock

1 tblspn tomato paste

few glugs of olive oil or duck fat



  • Chuck everything in the oven covered with a layer of baking parchment and then two layers of tin foil and leave it overnight at 120 degrees Celsius
  • Pull the soft duck meat off the bones and set aside. Reduce some of the stock left over from braising, add a dash of cream, squeeze of lemon, some baby tomatoes and the shredded duck meat and run it through your cooked fresh pasta. Season and add Parmesan, fresh basil and toasted pine nuts to serve!
  • Get everyone involved in an apron, making the pasta and covered in flour.


3 words that best sum up your role at SP?

Diverse, women, creative


Desert Island Dish? 

Scrambled eggs on toast


Whats your favourite SP event you’ve worked on?

Setting up Allbright


Dream Dinner date? 

Patrik Costa Gobbi


Top 5 a day?







Favourite tipple?

Old fashioned


Have you been to any cool restaurants recently?

The Dairy, Clapham Common- worth a visit!