Caterer Summit 2019



‘Without your staff you do not have a business, it is important to nurture and reward your skilled workforce’  Alex Head


The Caterer Summit 2019 focused on building a sustainable business, both in terms of long-term success and environmental awareness. Our founder Alex Head was on the panel at the Caterer Summit in October talking all things employment and ex-offender employment.


Alex was one of the inspirational operators sharing advice for building a rock-solid business model backed up by an ethical outlook.  In today’s competitive recruitment marketplace, there has never been a better reason to focus on retention.


Alex’s panel focused on the business case for taking care of your employees, exploring how best to motivate, educate and reward your teams. The expert panel also discussed how they encourage better work-life-balance and promote employees health, with also benefits their business, and support their teams to deliver exceptional results.


Alex’s Top Employment Tips:


Top Points on improving staff retention:

  1. Create a fantastic company culture
  2. Engagement with each and every employee is essential to understand your staff needs and ambitions
  3. Career mapping and career development must be available for all staff
  4. As an employer you need to go above and beyond when providing for staff, this doesn’t just mean financial reward
  5. Recognising that wellness, positive mental health, work life balance are all factors that contribute to a healthy employee


What initiatives have you been working on to increase engagement:

  1. Work Life Balance: We have capped kitchen hours to 48 per week for all chefs and kitchen staff
  2. Perks: We have introduced simple, cost effective additional perks, EG: We’ve funded the hospitality CODE app for all staff and just introduced staff porridge for all staff on Mondays
  3. Learning: We have put systems in place for employees to learn different skills EG: coffee training, cocktail training etc
  4. Listening: We are engaging regularly with all staff and understanding what the staff are wanting from their role
  5. Recognition: Companywide employee of the month