Camembert, Fig & Basil Sourdough Toastie

When dreaming up what picnic lunch to take to the park or you are working from home and need some inspiration for the next meal, look no further than this seriously luxury sourdough toastie, filled with figs, basil and camembert… yes camembert. Alex (Alex Head) partnered with Le Rustique to create this mouthwatering sandwich. Enjoy!




4 Slices of thick Sourdough Bread

1 tbsp soft salted Butter for spreading

4 Slices of Prosciutto

250g Mature Le Rustique Camembert 250g

2 Ripe Figs, sliced

4 Basil Leaves

60g Watercress

1 tbsp Sunflower Oil

1 tbsp Butter for frying

Pinch of Salt

Black Pepper



• Preheat oven to 160°C/ 140°C Fan/Gas Mark 3.
• Butter one side of the bread, season and lay butter side up.
• Slice the Le Rustique Camembert.
• Build the toastie by layering on the prosciutto, half the sliced Le Rustique Camembert, fig slices, basil leaves and top with watercress.
• Season and layer on the rest of the Le Rustique Camembert (you may not want to use all the cheese – it depends how cheesy you want it!). Top with the other slice of bread, butter side down.
• In a shallow pan gently fry the toastie in a tbsp of oil and butter for 3-4 mins on each side until brown.
• Finish cooking in the oven at 160 for a further 5–10 mins or until the cheese has melted.

Recipe created by Alex Head