With Love to all Brides

Eliza’s Story


As an event planner at Social Pantry and bride to be in 60 days, I cannot sympathise enough with all those who were planning on getting married in the coming months and may have to postpone. Having worked closely with a number of brides and grooms over the last year, I feel your frustration.


It’s heart breaking to think of the work you’ve put into your big day and to think it may not go ahead, plus (and most importantly, of course) marry the person of your dreams.


Here are my five top tips on how to keep smiling:


  • With a 4-day week now in hand, I’ve set myself the challenge to learn how to cook something every week. (Who knows, if self-isolation goes on for long enough you might even become a pro at wedding cakes and can tick that off your list for next year.) Check out Social Pantry’s Instagram Page for live cook-along’s, recipe’s and inspo from our chefs.


  • Plan something fun for you, your family and friends to do on the day that was meant to be. I’m using Social Pantry to help me plan a little get together, designing a mini wedding menu and incorporating some of the little elements of my wedding day into a pre-wedding bash. For more details on menu’s and costs, feel free to email me at eliza@socialpantry.co.uk


  • Start from the beginning. Just think of all the wedding trends that will be surfacing over the next year that you can enforce into your rescheduled wedding. You may even find that plans work out for the better with the new date.


  • Keep up the exercise, ‘wed shed,’ or not (which is a not for me,) I feel going on a run really helps me burn of any steam and pent up frustration


  • And remember, you’re still going to get married and Social Pantry will be here to support you with any bespoke menu design and planning from start to finish