Bridal Beauty with Florina Indries, Senior Medical Aesthetician at Linnaean

At Social Pantry we specialising in serving seasonal, sustainable and stylish food at beautiful events and weddings that place equal importance on ethics and aesthetics. We work alongside industry-leaders who share our values to deliver the perfect experience for our clients and ensure sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do.

Linnaean is a luxury hair, beauty and lifestyle destination inspired by Swedish botanist Carl Linaeus that combines beauty salon, medi-spa, apothecary and plant-centric restaurant under one roof. Situated at the heart of Battersea’s Nine Elms development, just a stone’s throw away from Social Pantry, the floral filled space feels like a secret garden turned wellness sanctuary.


Like us, they offer a fully bespoke service and believe that natural beauty and sustainability go hand in hand. When so much care and attention goes into planning the perfect event, naturally our clients want to look and feel their best also. For many brides, the confidence that comes from looking and feeling beautiful on their wedding day is priceless.

We spoke with Florina Indries, Senior Medical Aesthetician at Linnaean all about natural bridal beauty and the routines, rituals, products and treatments that brides may want to consider in the build up to their special day.

Tell us a bit about your beauty philosophy?

I have been working in the beauty industry since 2007 and hold a BA in Medical Cosmetics as well as having attended many additional advanced skincare courses across Europe. I truly believe that skin is a journey that incorporates not only a skincare routine but also a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition to support looking and feeling the best version of yourself at any age in life.

How do you help brides look and feel their best on their wedding day?

At Linnaean we meet so many brides that are looking for guidance so that they look and feel at their best on their big day. We always start with a consultation. This way we are able to connect, discuss any skin concerns, treatments, skincare routine and lifestyle habits in order to create a tailored plan and achieve their dream-skin goals.

Where should a bride begin when thinking about beauty preparations for her wedding?

The starting point will always dictate how far in advance a bride needs to start with her skin and body treatments. If we are targeting a specific skin condition  like acne, pigmentation or rosacea or post acne scars we need to start with a treatment plan and a consistent skincare routine 12 months ahead.

For a hydrated and glowing skin regular facials should be done monthly 3-4 months before the event and last facial to be considered the week before the wedding day. Linnaean offers amazing pampering experiences like relaxing full body massage followed by facials and luxurious manicures that can be done in your last week.

When considering body treatments like body contouring, skin tightening or muscle toning, these are usually done as a course of 4-6 sessions on a weekly basis and the final results are visible 4 weeks after the last session. Therefore 3 months before the wedding is a good time to start.

Is there anything brides should avoid in the lead up to their wedding?

First of all do not leave your treatments and skincare routine to the last moment. There is only so much that can be achieved with that single, last minute facial. Avoid any new treatments, and stick to those you’ve had before and your skin is familiar with. For the three months leading up to your wedding, it’s advised not to introduce anything new to your skin care routine that may cause a reaction. Ingredients like acids or retinoids can cause irritation of the skin.

What are brides commonly looking to achieve with their beauty routine, and what products do you recommend?

Every bride would like to have beautiful smooth and radiant skin on their wedding day. I’ve helped brides improve their acne and post acne scars and we achieved this with a series of deep cleansing facials, microneedling treatments and skin peels. For dehydrated skin we have such a variety of facials such as Oxygen infusion, or recommend hands-on facials using Dr Barbara’s Sturm Glow facial or Susanne Kaufmann‘s facial range.

Which parts of a beauty regime do you think a bride can do herself from home, versus which aspects will particularly benefit from professional treatment?

Being consistent with a skincare routine at home and having a healthy lifestyle in the months leading to the wedding day is definitely the hardest part. Professional treatments and home routine work hand in hand. We like to say that you undergo treatments with an aesthetician and maintain the results at home. It requires team work and consistency! Professional treatments can deliver ingredients deeper into the layers of the skin to achieve more significant results than can be replicated at home. However I always advise my clients on the mini facials they can to at home to themselves to maintain results. They can also involve their partner and use this as an opportunity to physically connect.

What advice do you have for a bride who is worried about breakouts close to her wedding?

Getting the occasional pimple before the wedding is very common and usually caused by stress. First of all, do not panic! Secondly, it is really important not to pick the skin, however tempting, in order to avoid any infection, redness or scarring. Hot-cold compresses can be used several times a day to reduce inflammation, followed by a targeted spot treatment or patch. Keep these emergency products on hand as part of your bridal beauty rescue kit!

Where does your interest in cruelty free and environmentally friendly beauty stem from?

It is very simple; companies have the choice whether or not to test on animals, and as professionals and consumers, we have the choice whether or not to buy and use their products. Very early on, I made the decision to use exclusively environmentally friendly and cruelty free products that are better for the planet, animals and our skin too.

Can you share a few of your favourite cruelty free, eco-friendly brands and products?

All of the products that you will find at Linnaean’s apothecary are carefully chosen to be cruelty free, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Some of my favourite brands are Susanne Kaufmann – an Austrian brand whose philosophy is to support the skin’s natural function by using the finest plants and botanicals from Alpine flora. I also really like Orveda, which offers vegan and highly concentrated skincare that promotes healthy skin microflora. Dr Barbara Sturm is a German skincare brand, widely renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties without the use of toxic, harmful and aggressive ingredients, that I widely recommend.

What beauty treatments or products can you recommend for the groom?

At Linnaean we have the option of offering couples facials in our twin room. They can come and relax before the wedding while having their hydrating facial with a facial massage otherwise they can gently exfoliate at home and follow with a sheet mask and a DIY facial massage. One of my favourite gadgets is the LED facial mask that can be used at home for a boost of energy and glow for your skin.

What would you say to a bride who is feeling self-conscious about her appearance?

Being a beautiful bride does not mean having to conform to conventional beauty standards. It’s not about trying to look like someone else, especially brides featured in magazines and advertising that are a common source of comparison. Yes, it can be nerve-wrecking to be the centre of attention and have so many people looking at you for an entire day. However, you have to remember that those people are your family and friends and they are there to enjoy the day and celebrate with you. Be present and enjoy every single moment without worrying about a spot that you couldn’t fix or about your makeup not being perfect. Other people rarely notice the imperfections we see in ourselves. Confidence is beautiful and very attractive. Weddings are celebrations of unconditional love and acceptance so allow yourself to receive that from yourself as well as those around you!


You can find out more about Linnaean’s range of beauty and wellbeing services on their website or by visiting Linnaean at 2 New Union Square, Embassy Gardens, London, SW11 7AX. All products mentioned in the interview can be purchased via Linnaean’s online store or at the salon. Linnaean’s services are the perfect add-on to events planned and catered for by Social Pantry. They can provide a tailored experience for all members of your wedding party, and their stylists can travel to you or your event location. Additionally, Social Pantry is able to provide catering for private events held at Linnaean. To find out more, please get in touch!