Beetroot Salmon Gravlax with Caper and Dill Recipe

Nothing says Christmas like a delicious side of wild salmon. Gravlax is similar to smoked salmon, but is cured in sea salt, sugar and dill, rather than smoked. It’s a traditional scandi delicacy; usually served with a side of dill and mustard sauce and crispy rye bread.

It’s a favourite of our executive chef, Rich, and is sure to impress guests – whether they’re the in-laws, grandparents, or group of friends. Try it as an alternative to smoked salmon for a fancy festive brunch, or to nibble on at a drinks party.

You can make it ahead of time, then sit back, relax, and enjoy when guests arrive.

It’s the perfect partner to a crisp white wine, citrusy English sparking wine, or a refreshing gin and tonic. Like the sound of English Sparkling Wine? Check out our blog post from a a summer trip to Nyetimber, one of the UK’s leading vineyards. Or if you’re going for a cocktail’s vibe, here are some of our festive favourites.

Or, if you’re planning a festive get together, and would like us to do all the hard work for you, get in touch


The Recipe


• 1 salmon side

• x2 packets of vacuum-packed beetroots

• x1 bunch of dill

• x1 lemon (the whole lemon goes into the blender)

• 300g caster sugar 

• 200g Maldon seas salt 

• 1 tbs fennel seeds


  1. Step one: trim all the fat and gristle off the side of salmon making sure it is free of any areas that may be chewy or hard to eat
  2. Step two: combine the rub ingredients together in a blender and blitz to a smooth paste
  3. Step three: coat the salmon with the rub and massage the marinade in for a couple of minutes making sure all areas have the paste on, once done wrap it in cling film
  4. Step four: leave the salmon in the fridge for twelve hours then flip it over and leave for exactly the same again, after the twenty four hours of curing wash the salmon and it is ready to eat
  5. Chefs note: we doubt you’ll have any, but this dish is suitable for freezing if there are leftovers!