Alex Head x Molly Mahon

Alex Head x Molly Mahon

Alex teamed up with Molly Mahon for the launch of her gorgeous new fabric, the hand blocked Lani. It comes with matching napkins or works well with rambling strawberries creating the perfect summer table set up.

Alex created a table of seasonal salads for the photoshoot, here is one of her favourite salad recipes.  At Social Pantry we love a great salad, they are the perfect feast for friends, a light lunch or a great BBQ side kick.


Shaved Fennel, Spinach, Summer Herb and Fermented Orange Salad

Orange and Maple Dressing

To feed 6 as a side salad or a large sharing platter


For this recipe we have used fermented orange segments, it takes 8-10 days to ferment orange segments, however if you have not had time to ferment your orange segments you can just use a regular fresh orange.


Adding a handful of roasted cashew nuts or some crumbled feta are great additions to this salad.



1 fennel bulb

150g peas

150g broad beans

1 bunch of radishes, leaves and all!

200g baby spinach, roughly chopped

Summer Herbs: Flat leaf Parsley, Mint, Coriander, fennel tops

Fermented segments of 1 large orange, keep aside any juice from the orange.



  • Thinly sliced the fennel and radish
  • Mix with the peas, broad beans, and spinach
  • Finely chop the herbs and mix through the salad with the orange segments
  • Dress the salads just before serving
  • Enjoy in the sunshine with a glass of your favourite wine!


How to ferment orange: 8-10 days needed

  1. Remove the skin, pith and segment the orange
  2. Weigh the orange and add in 2% of the weight in salt
  3. Put the orange segments and salt in a kilnar jar
  4. Store somewhere warm for 8-10 days, depending on the heat.
  5. The orange will be fermented when you open the jar and its is fizzy and alcoholic smelling!
  6. Drain the segments and keep the juice for the dressing


Orange and maple dressing

Use the juice from the fermented orange, in a jar mix with 1tbsp of maple syrup and 1tbsp of water.

Taste, season and sweeten to taste.


Other salads pictured:

Charred Tender Stem Broccoli, Baby Gem, Slow Cooked Tomatoes, Spring Onion and Roasted Cashews

Sauteed Butterbean with Piquillo Peppers, Dill, Feta and Olives.