A Guide to Holding a Low-Key Christmas Party

Party ideas for the 2020 festive season are certainly looking a bit different this year. Restrictions on numbers, social distancing measures, and legal time limits are now all a part of the planning but that doesn’t mean that celebrations are off-limits. As with everything over the last turbulent twelve months, we’re now required to adapt to the current climate and make the best of what we can do as well as ensuring the safety of everyone. Here at Social Pantry, we have been providing private party catering for groups of all sizes for over ten years so we know a small Christmas party can be just as fabulous as any! We’ve pulled together a few of our expert tips and tricks to help any organiser throw the perfect low-key Christmas party.


Small gatherings can be a lot easier to arrange and can also allow the budget to be spent on party ideas that may not have been possible with larger groups. A small Christmas party can be extra special when more money can be spent on a lower-key celebration. Get in touch with your local private caterers who will be able to discuss ways in which you can use your budget. From small business Christmas party ideas to intimate festive dinner gatherings, a private party catering company will be able to advise on what will work well for you depending on your budget and requirements.

Set the date

Chose a date for your small gathering as soon as you begin to plan your party ideas. Even with all of the rules and restrictions this year, Christmas is still a very busy time in everyone’s diaries and private catering companies can be booked up months in advance. This year it is also a good idea to have a back-up for a virtual small Christmas party to account for any last-minute change in lockdown measures and legal limits.

Plan the menu

With fewer people to entertain at a small Christmas party, it allows for more focus to be allocated to the food served at your small gathering. Make sure you also establish if any of your guests have dietary requirements or restrictions when planning your festive menu. If you do need to cater for any allergies or particular dietary requirements, you’ll need to give private caterers plenty of notice, so they are able to create a menu that pleases the entire party. Ask your guests about any special requirements when you first begin to plan your work party ideas.

Private caterers can create an extra special menu that will please all of your guests, which isn’t always as easy with larger events. Here at Social Pantry we provide private party catering for as little as four guests and can discuss ways to make the most of your budget.

There are also some brilliantly easy and effective menu options over on our blog including:

Choux pastry recipe

Loaded flatbreads

Salted honey and apple tart

Tuna and sesame salad


Contact private caterers

Private Catering doesn’t have to be reserved for extravagant parties and large gatherings and can be a great option when considering small business Christmas party ideas and small gatherings. Get In touch with your local private catering companies and research your options. Now we are all adhering to the rule of six, private caterers have had to adapt to the current laws and have had to find ways to create a festive feel for a more intimate setting. Our events team will be more than happy to discuss the new plans we have in place in order to make any small gathering just as special this year whilst keeping to all of the required restrictions and safety measures.


Just because you’re limited to a small Christmas party this year, does not mean you have to think small when planning your decorations. With all of the doom and gloom this year, the Christmas season is a brilliant excuse for a bit of escapism and a great way to bring some cheer to what has otherwise been a hard few months for all of us. A small gathering can be as fun as any and can feel extra special with the right decorations to set the tone. When thinking about your small business Christmas party ideas or low-key festive celebrations, a theme can work really well to build your party planning around. From winter wonderlands and tinsel tackiness to traditional tartan and 1920’s glam, there’s no end of brilliant themes and decoration ideas that can be brought to life with ease. Private party catering companies will also be able to discuss themes that work well depending on your desired feel and will be able to create a menu that works well for your small Christmas party.

Secret Santa

Christmas celebrations might be very different this year, but some traditions don’t need to change! Secret Santa is a brilliant way to solve the tricky gift-giving task and can be a great way to bring a bit of fun to your festive doo, so make sure it’s included as part of your small business Christmas party ideas and festive gatherings. Bear in mind that money has been a cause of concern this year for many so keep the budget cheap and cheerful. Some websites allocate your Secret Santa via email if you’re not all able to pick names out of a hat!

For the team here at Social Pantry, Christmas party planning begins months in advance and this year we’re as determined as ever to bring our magic touch to our private catering service to create wonderful experiences for every small gathering. If there was ever a year we could all do with a good celebration 2020 is certainly it and we love nothing more than helping people create the perfect party with the help of private catering. We host small Christmas parties in our South London Social Pantry cafes as well as catering for private venues and homes.

Please feel free to get in touch with our dedicated events team to discuss ways in which we can work with you for your Christmas party plans this year.