2021 Wedding Trends, What’s New

2021 Wedding Trends 


Last year was, of course, a year like no other for everyone, including all our wedding clients. To say we felt all the emotions over the year is an understatement! We are however very excited about the Summer ahead and enjoying the new 2021 wedding trends. The Social Pantry wedding team is at the forefront of food and wedding trends, Alex Head spoke with Sheerluxe on the hot new trends coming through:

What are the new 2021 food trends: 

  • Gone are the days of sharing platters and family style dining, we are loving the rise of small plates with a focus on using the best quality and locally sourced ingredients.
  • Lots of couples have, sadly, had to cancel their destinations weddings and understandably want to incorporate a touch of their destination weddings into their menu; think Tuscan Lemon Granita as a refreshing dessert
  • Plant based Sushi is having a moment, you’ll have to trust us on this one! Watch this space…
  • Embrace the dessert trolley and patisserie, think 1960’s old school Ritz vibe.

Is alfresco catering still a thing? 

  • After a year of lockdown there is less emphasis on the weekend; a Friday wedding is the new Saturday wedding leaving you to embrace a pool party on the Saturday and enjoy a rest on the Sunday.
  • Locally sourced meat is what still makes an alfresco BBQ and of course the classic Bloody Mary station a popular option.
  • Paella stations work well outdoors and are a great way to feed a hungry crowd be it on the wedding day itself or the day after.

How covid has changed our attitudes towards wedding food: 

  • A smaller wedding party does not always mean smaller budget.
  • Couples are enjoying being able to allocate additional budget to the styling, think hand stitched, personalised linen napkins, hand painted menus and place names and floristry of dreams.
  • Couples are embracing food even more and enjoying more courses, opting to add in an amuse bouche or palette cleanser and sometimes finishing with a lavish dessert trolley.

What advice do you give for couples having intimate weddings to help with their menu choices? 

  • Our advice is to always go for your favourite foods; it is your day so embrace it and enjoy every bite.

Can youtalk about plant-based menus and their popularity?

  • We love that the vegan trend is still going strong and long may it continue. It’s increasingly common for people to enjoy a vegan starter, couples often want to blow away guests with standout, memorable vegan courses.

Are food trucks still popular?

  • The rise of the wood fire pizza oven is a hot new trend, however food trucks will always be a popular late night snack option at weddings to soak up the booze and help refuel the dance floor!

Are couples still going for the canapés and three courses? 

  • Show stopping menus and top-quality food still plays a major role in creating a dream day of memorable celebrations. Canapés are always a popular choice, but there is often a request to include a live food station in the canapés reception and after the rise of lockdown baking we are seeing more homemade wedding cakes with some cakes replacing the dessert course.

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