2020’s Hottest Foodie Wedding Trends

Here at Social Pantry there’s one trend that’s already standing out for the coming season – that’s ‘Farm to Table Food’.

This doesn’t neccesarily mean rustic sharing feasts or family style but getting the client more involved and utilizing any food they or their family might grow in their gardens, nearby farms to their homes or buying and supporting local suppliers.

Eliza, Social Pantry’s wedding queen (she planned 39 last summer), says “We’ve already got lots of weddings in 2020 that are using home grown produce, such as eggs, dairy and vegetables. Incorporating it all into our menu’s adds an even more personal touch to the bride and grooms day. it’s about making it special for the couple as well as creating food that we love”


We’ve also noticed that the food we’re creating for weddings is becoming more varied – gone are the days when most people opted for a lovely three course sit down dinner!

Bowl food, sharing feasts, and pop-up style street food stalls are all increasingly popular. We think this is partly because people are looking to do something different, and partly because, with so many different dietary needs, these styles of eating allow guests to choose the foods that work for them. Couples are also keen to minimise waste at their wedding; allowing people to choose their food helps with this.

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