15 Wedding Food Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Food trends come and go, and we’ve certainly served a few since we began catering for weddings more than nine years ago! You may want to go for the latest food craze or perhaps you’re considering more tradition over trend, whatever your preference there are so many different choices when it comes to your wedding menu. We’ve put together 15 of our favourite tried and tested wedding meal ideas to make sure your catering is one thing you can be confident about on your big day.

1. Green Dream

Some of the best wedding menu ideas we offer here at Social Pantry are completely vegan friendly as meat is increasingly becoming less of a staple in the modern-day wedding menu. Many people are now opting for more plant-based dining options for their reception as it’s a great way to cater for many dietary requirements and offers a huge range of delicious and wholesome wedding meal ideas. There are so many easy wedding food ideas that include vegan substitutes such as meat-like textured jackfruit and seitan that even the biggest carnivores will be fooled!


2. Self-serve stations

Finger food may be what springs to mind when you think of self-serve wedding food ideas, but interactive food stations are a brilliant option when considering catering for weddings. Offering your guests their choice of the best wedding food whilst removing the often long and fussy time between traditional courses, self-serve stations provide an easy wedding food option for a laid back atmosphere that allows for more time on the dance floor and less time at the table!


3. Insta-glam

Ten minutes on Pinterest will prove there’s no shortage of unique wedding food ideas out there which can be turned into fabulous focal points at your reception and a great way to provide your guests with some brilliant Instagram catering content! Doughnut walls, chocolate fountains, branded buns and edible flowers, they’re all great unique wedding food ideas to bring a bit of personality and fun to your wedding menu and make for excellent photo opps for the all-important Instagram shots!


4. Perfect puddings

One of the best ways to inject some fun into your day using unique wedding food ideas is through the sweet options you serve as part of your wedding menu. Mini ice-cream cones, cotton candy stands, cake pops, cupcakes and doughnut walls are all easy wedding food options that look as good as they taste! They’re also a nice alternative to the traditionally served desserts and can cut down on table time, allowing your wedding party to enjoy all of the other elements of your big day. Desserts can definitely be a more creative course and you’ll find no end of fantastic options out there when you begin to look into wedding menu


5. Meals on wheels

From authentic street food and premium ice cream trucks to mobile champagne bars and posh burger vans, food trucks have become one of the biggest catering trends in recent years and are a brilliant option for unique yet easy wedding food ideas when thinking about your wedding menu. Food trucks can be used throughout your day, from your welcome drinks to the evening meal and, given how popular they have become, can provide you with some of the best wedding food options in the country.


6. Seasonal selections

The season you chose to wed will play a key part in your big day, from winter weddings in the snow to alfresco receptions in the summer but don’t forget that this will also impact your options for the best wedding food options and should be chosen accordingly. Seasonal produce will always be fresher and easier to come by for your wedding day menu, think root vegetables in the autumn and spinach and salmon in the spring. Also consider how your guests’ appetites will be affected depending on the date. Warm comforting pies and heavy breads can be great wedding food ideas in the winter but come spring a serving of fresh salads and lighter dishes make for the best wedding food.


7. Traditional tables

Although there are so many unique wedding food ideas available some of the best wedding food is still served in the traditional format. A sit-down dinner doesn’t have to be overly formal, your wedding menu can be broken up with interactive elements including themed quizzes, musical breaks and time to chat and mingle which are great ways to provide your guests with a break in what can potentially be long periods of being sat at the table. Speak to your wedding caterer for suggestions on how you’re able to ensure the serving time doesn’t become too drawn out. They will have many suggestions and will be the best people to ask when it comes to what does and doesn’t work from their past experience of catering
for weddings.


8. Personalised plates

Your wedding menu can be a lovely way to bring a personal touch to your day and can be something to think about when thinking about your wedding food ideas. A cheese board made up of varieties from countries that have a special meaning to you, locally caught fish from the area you marry in or perhaps fusions of dishes reflecting the bride and groom’s family heritage are many easy wedding food ideas that can bring an extra special element to your wedding menu.


9. It’s in the detail

It’s not only the food that is important when catering for weddings, presentation is also key and how your wedding menu is served needs to be equally as perfect. Speak to your wedding caterers for their advice on how best to bring your wedding meal ideas to life in the most presentable and pleasing way. Beautiful crockery, tables lined with blooms and quirky place holders are all options that can be included in your big day.


10. Fruit fancies

Fruit can be such an easy wedding food and can provide a beautiful visual offering as part of your wedding menu due to their vibrant colours and versatility. When considering canapés for your wedding meal ideas, seasonal fruit served in creative ways can be a great option as well as providing an easy vegan option. Tropical fruit platters, watermelon sticks and chocolate covered strawberries can make for the best wedding food canapés and are a pleasing addition to the wedding menu.


11. Cheese cake

Cakes don’t necessarily need to be the sweet part of your reception; a savoury alternative can often be a brilliant way of bringing unique wedding food ideas to your big day. Multi-tiered sushi, stacks of savoury pies and piles of pizza are all easy wedding food ideas for those not wanting the traditional tiered wedding cake. Cheese wheels are our favourite at Social Pantry when it comes to savoury cakes and are a
great option. There’s such a plethora of cheese flavours available from sweet fruit options to deeper mature tastes as well as some brilliant vegan cheese ranges, providing options for all of your wedding guests to enjoy.


12. All things Asparagus

Asparagus is often a staple of our summer wedding menu and is such a versatile and wonderful way of offering a plant-based dish which pleases the full wedding party for an easy wedding food option. Serving the vitamin rich vegetable is also a great way to support British farmers when using UK grown produce, which is something we’re passionate about here at Social Pantry. Asparagus can be prepared in a variety of ways, providing plenty of options when considering catering for weddings. Add a dash of good quality olive oil and cook as a single layer until lightly browned, serve with a lovely sweet chilli sauce for one of our best wedding food dishes.


13. Super Sea Bass

During 2019’s wedding season the Social Pantry team served approximately 2850 Sea Bass Ceviche canapés over 19 receptions, it’s safe to say the dish is certainly at the top of our best wedding food list! The perfect accompaniment to a glass of bubbles, sea bass is an easy wedding food which also brings a touch of class to your wedding menu.


14. Grazing Tables

Another huge catering trend of recent years is the Grazing Table which is definitely on our list of best wedding food ideas. Bursting with colour and texture, the tables create a fantastic centre piece for your wedding reception. From meats and cheeses to fruits and breads, the options for your wedding menu become limitless when considering a grazing table and are one of our favourite things to create when catering for weddings.


15. Raise your glasses

Not to be forgotten when considering your wedding food ideas, many of the above also apply when choosing the refreshments you serve to accompany your wedding menu. A wine from the region you got engaged in or a family favourite whiskey for that personal touch. Hot toddies in the winter and spritzes in the summer when thinking about the season. There are also some equally impressive instagrammable ways to offer your guests something special when thinking about the drinks when catering for weddings, and don’t forget that all-important toast!

Here at Social Pantry we depend on our years of wedding catering experience to create the best, personalised wedding menus for each one of our clients. We have a wedding catering services team who will be pleased to discuss any of your ideas with you. Please find more about our wedding catering services and make an enquiry today or give us a call on 020 8871 1949.