Social Pantry’s visit to Nyetimber

Englands finest wines



Located in the heart of one of England’s most beautiful countryside’s lies the U.K.’s leading winery’s, Nyetimber. For years the worlds sparkling wines have been dominated by the likes of French Champagne and Italian Prosecco; and have been waiting for a new and improved contemporary approach to the classic. English wine has been overlooked as not comparable to other European varieties, until now…


In the rolling hills of Sussex, Nyetimber have pioneered a British taste, using England’s greensand chalk soils that are perfect for the growing of the vines to an optimum size. The grapes are handpicked by husband and wife dream team Cherie and Brad, who have won multiple awards since joining Nyetimber. They carefully analyse each batch and use their scientific background to ensure a top-quality process from start to finish. This attention to detail is what gives the quality of Nyetimber’s now prestigious wines.

Our visit

As told on arrival, the Nyetimber Estate gets its name from the doomsday book of 1086, which was the first public record survey in England where ‘Nitimbreha’ made its first appearance in recorded history. As said in the Nyetimber’s ‘our story’

“It’s believed Nitimbreha refers to a newly timbered house or perhaps a small timber plantation.”



A ‘newly timbered house’ was an understatement to their beautiful tasting room and centre piece to the whole estate. The titled ‘White Barn’ was as it says on the tin, an eye caching high ceilinged farm building that has been whitewashed to create a minimal contemporaryfeel. The ceiling was covered in one hundred oval lampshades to replicate the bubbles in each bottle of wine. Overlooking the old manor house and surrounded by blushing flowers and pond, we knew we were in for a glorious day of wine history and delicious fizz.

We were lucky to be blessed by a beautifully sunny day, so when it came to our vineyard tour it did not disappoint in the slightest. We were shown the varieties that Nyetimber produced, from pinot noir to chardonnays. However, unfortunately the grapes had already been harvested at this point by the 300 pickers that carefully select the right fruits off each tree. We were disappointed not to see the bursting grapes at full growth but to learn that the process of grape picking is still done by hand was a lovely touch. It was fascinating to learn that we were walking through some of the oldest vines in England that looked out onto an exquisite view of the South Downs, definitely a moment to remember.

The wine

We tried four of Nyetimber varieties, all displaying unique characters and notes that were you could clearly identify on tasting.


Nyetimber Classic Cuvee

Made in true champagne style, the classic cuvee is Nyetimbers signature wine, both elegant and crisp its perfect served icy cold on a hot summer day. Nyetimber suggest pairing with,

  • smoked salmon
  • oysters
  • scallops
  • asparagus
  • sushi
Nyetimber Classic Cuvee Rose

A contemporary approach to traditional sparkling Rose, Nyetimber’s multi vintage is a perfect note to the English summer with a creamy, round texture and refreshing redcurrant, raspberry and cherry flavours. Hints of brioche lead into an elegant, silky finish. Nyetimber suggest pairing with,

  • salmon fillets
  • brown crab
  • veal carpaccio
  • guinea fowl
Cuvee Cherie

The first demi sec in the U.K., Nyetimber’s Cuvee Cherie is designed to be drank with food, and its complexity allows both savoury and sweet accompaniments. It’s sweeter tones allows it to pair with richer and acidic foods. and Nyetimber suggest pairing with,

  • strawberries and cream
  • fruit tarts
  • afternoon tea
  • meringue dishes
  • spiced and fragrant asian cuisine – chinese, japanese and thai
  • foie gras and terrines


Nyetimber Blanc de Blanc

The Blanc de Blanc is Nyetimbers more complex of wines, with a much deeper and intense aroma, the Blanc de Banc has been aged for a longer period to other varieties. It was the first Nyetimber wine to be made, and has a darker yellow tone when poured and finer bubbles in comparison to the other three. Nyetimber suggest pairing with,

  • white crab
  • lobster
  • fritto misto
  • octopus
  • mussels