Managing Director

Alastair has the enviable position of working alongside a seriously impressive roster of Chefs, Event Planners and Marketeers, as well as being lucky enough to work for the catering industry’s best, most socially aware, boss.  He is looking to have as many wonderful people enjoy Social Pantry as is humanly possible!


Alastair Moir

What’s your role at SP?
Managing Director

Use 3 words that best sum up your role at SP?
Get things done

Desert Island Dish?
Steak tartare done properly

Dream Dinner Date?
Claudia Winkleman

Top 5 a Day
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee and Cake

Favourite Tipple?
Ice cold Peroni

Guilty Food Indulgence?
Large bags of salt and vinegar hand cooked crisps

Hidden Talent?
Dad Dancing

Favourite Foodie Joke?
When handing around scones saying “when they’re scone they’re scone”