We work responsibly with suppliers and employees to ensure the very best service is provided with minimal impact to our surroundings. Being a small company, it is hard to operate completely green systems throughout; however, we are doing our best and ensure all the suppliers we employ have a similar way of thinking.

With each growth step we are getting greener.

Social Pantry have systems in place to ensure we are doing the best we can as a small company:

  • Recycling in place at all sites for all cardboard, glass, oil and food waste.
  • Responsible packaging suppliers are used for all event and café packaging needs.
  • Reducing food waste is a top priority of ours and we’re pretty strict about it. We are still dreaming of owning a gorgeous gardening patch and using food waste as compost…it is on the wish list. Watch this space…
  • Old coffee granules are given to a local allotment to feed the compost worms!
  • We train all our staff to be responsible for their actions and ensure that we work efficiently as a team with the same goal in mind.